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Onwards and upwards- how to get back on track

The snow has literally turned the whole country into carb-craving zombies who want to stay inside and never leave the couch…or maybe that’s just me.

And this is taking into account that the snow has now melted AND it’s about 10 degrees celsius today. So why aren’t we counting down the days to summer…?

Well, I can only talk for myself but work has been a little crazy, which, for me, usually means less sleep or disrupted sleep patterns. This in turn makes our poor brains crave sugar as our cortisol levels are elevated when we don’t sleep and we crave the bad goodies.

So what, pray tell, can we do to reverse science?

Well, we can start with tracking our steps, either on our phones or our FitBit, trying to aim for approximately 10k each day. I work in an office and usually mine sticks at around 8k only but I’m tracking on my phone and I don’t always carry it with me! It has made me more conscious to take the stairs though :)

Secondly, to mitigate those terribly poor sleeping patterns try taking a good magnesium supplement before sleep, about 1 hour before you hit the sack. Better still, have  a bath with magnesium salts and soak up as much as you can!

Next up you want to make sure you are staying hydrated- brain fog anyone?!- and eating regularly so you don’t end up depending on sugary drinks or caffeine to stay awake.

Start your day with a high fat, high protein breakfast to keep any cravings at bay and try supplementing with chromium for about 1-2 weeks (around when you  have your period v when you start having any PMS symptoms) to help balance your blood sugar levels.

Allow yourself a treat too at the weekends or your poor brain will be driven demented- BUT only if your health professional recommends you to do so. Some people who are on a fat loss program due to pre-diabetes or obesity may need to restrict sugar completely until they reach a healthy body fat %. Always consult your GP in these kinds of cases.

Try and avoid eating out too often- I’m terrible at this and have a big appetite so it can be hard to know what’s in your food and sometimes when enough is enough- yikes!

Try and get outside for at least 20 minutes each day to move around, stay active and get some vitamin d. When  our immune system is down, we are more likely to crave sugar, which leads to further inflammation which makes us more likely to get sick. Why brain WHY!

Finally, I also find, if budget allows it, that booking a little sunny break gives us all something to stay motivated for. It doesn’t have to cost the sun moon and stars either! I booked Villamoura in Portugal for mid-April for a few days to train and eat nice fresh sea food and accommodation for four days was just €120 (between two!)  flights around €140 each so an easily justifiable few days for me :)

Any excuse eh?



Woman exercising at home

Snow Day = Inside Gym Time

We’ve all started off super excited that we can work from home and stay inside and only go out when absolutely necessary.

BUT when you’re like me and can’t drive even in normal weather and your car is a little banger, taking to the the roads would be suicide!

So, rather than put any of us in danger, here is a little at-home exercise program for a snow day, a no going out day and a cabin-fever break from your annoying loved ones!


30 Sec Sprint on the Spot

20 Jumping Jacks


15 Burpees

20 Squat Jumps

12 Full Push ups

24 Jump Lunges

20 Full Sit Ups

Repeat x 4 (sec rest in between)

Happy Snow Day


spoon with dietary supplements on fruits background

A little boost for your immune system

Wondering how to keep the nasty bugs at bay?

EVERYONE seems to be sick at the moment- at work, friends, family…and sometimes, when we are so caught up in work and life in general, we tend to forget to take a good vitamin or mineral supplement.

I have two stashes of all of my ‘usuals’- one in my work bag and one at home. I always start the day with a mineral supplement like Quinton Tonic or Revive and literally flit between the two depending on how I’m feeling or what time of the month it is!

I then have my breakfast (usually eggs, ham, veggies or just eggs and coffee!) and follow that with fish oils probiotics and a good multivitamin (I flit between a few brands actually now!).

As I said, I find keeping an extra stash in my work bag (particularly like Berocca or pure vitamin C) really handy for an afternoon pick-me-up at work that is much kinder at 3pm than a large americano!

At night then I drift off with some magnesium and some casein for a gentle ease into a good night’s sleep.

The above works for me and I rarely get sick to be honest. If there is a flu going around I take some pure vitamin C and creatine (just a small dose- like half a scoop) and I’ve found it definitely helps keep me feeling tip top!

None of these are ADs- I genuinely love and use these products and they come highly recommended by my boyfriend and family who have all started using them too (and who lead active but very different lifestyles!).

It’s time to start feeling 150%- give it a go…


*Note I’m not a qualified Nutritionist and am merely passing on some tips I feel work for me. Always talk to your GP before taking any new supplements particularly if you suffer from a chronic illness or are pregnant or trying to conceive.

blueberry protein pancakes

Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Juicy, warm, gooey and satisfying- oh and guilt-free for anyone trying to be a little cleaner this Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Tuesday.


1 scoop vanilla protein

3 egg whites

1/2 cup oats

1/2 medium ripe banana

1/2 cup blueberries

2tsp baking powder



  1. Place the uncooked oats into a blender until it resembles flour.
  2. Add the eggs, banana, protein and blend until smooth.
  3. Chuck in the berries using a spoon.
  4. Place a pan on medium heat and scoop out about 2 tbsp per pancake
  5. Cover pancakes as they cook to ensure the middle is all cooked through. They should take about a minute on the first side then about half a minute on the flip side.
  6. Serve with 0% Fage Greek yoghurt and a trickle of honey.





gymbunydublin running tips

Hate Running? Me TOO!

If you hate running, you are in good company right about here lads.

I huff and I puff and I get relatively nowhere.

You see, weights for me as easy peasy. I enjoy the challenge of lifting heavier and testing myself. Cardio, on the other hand, I could take or leave…

So when my coach Chris said he wanted me to start running I was NOT impressed, but actually, would you believe I am already seeing lots of nice changes in myself since he ramped up the dreaded cardio…

This is what I’ve noticed:

  1. I’ve shaved time off my rowing and don’t feel as breathless
  2. I started running with no headphones and find it WAY easier. Typically I’d have to run to Prodigy or very up tempo dance tracks but when a song came on that I didn’t like, I tended to slow my pace. No music, no problem. In fact I like that it makes me clear my head properly with no distraction now except my breath.
  3. I run at night. Mostly because I hate other people seeing me run. Yeah. yeah I know. But I also hate running behind someone or having other people run behind me. Empty footpaths are my new therapy.
  4. I feel more trim, a little tighter and my mood is better. 3 pretty important changes.
  5. I’m actually starting to LIKE running. I know- who am I???


Now don’t go getting any fancy notions of me running a marathon, but I do like the changes I’m seeing- and hoping to see some nice changes in my legs too as that’s where I have the most difficulty in stripping body fat, regardless of how much weight training sessions I do- WAH!

Do you have any running tips for me?


at-home exercises for legs

Simple at-home leg exercises

So the weather isn’t exactly in our favour the past few days, so the temptation is to stay at home and hide away instead of getting out to the gym!

Here are some easy and fun at-home leg exercises for  strong, toned and healthy legs, and best thing is- you don’t even need equipment to get started!

Sexy Leg Program

Sumo Squats x 20

Side-Leg Raises x 40

Deep Side Lunges x 20

Leg Extensions x 20

Side Leg Extensions x 20

Side Leg Raises x 40

Repeat x 2 with a rest of approx 1 minute in between!

Beginners can aim for 1 round to start!



healthy smoothie recipe

Really simple healthy smoothie

I get so many DM’s asking what kind of smoothie is good for energy, health etc, when really you want to make sure yours contains a good source or protein and is vegetable based – or low GI fruit based!

Here are my suggestions for a really simple healthy smoothie recipe:

1 Cup of Liquid:

Water/Milk/Iced Coffee or Iced Green Tea


1/2 cup Vegetables:

Beetroot (cooked and peeled)/Spinach/Lettuce


1/2 cup Fruit:



1/4 cup to Make it Creamy:

Protein Powder, Greek Yoghurt (I use 0% Fage!)/avocado/banana/nut butter (just 1 tbsp)


1/2 tbsp Sweetener:

Raw Honey/maple syrup/dates (2/3)


1/2 tsp Punch:

Dried ginger/cinnamon/vanilla/cacao


1 serving Energy Boost:

Hemp Seeds/Chia seeds/Matcha powder/Spirulina Powder/PB2 Powder


Make it:

Add your protein powder, liquid, fruit and vegetables to your blender and blend on high with your preferred ingredients above. Add ice if desired- I prefer mine room temperature but most people theirs icy!



New year resolutions 2018

5 Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier 2018

So, you’ve counted down to zero and a new chapter has begun. It’s not too late to forget your traditional ‘to-do’ list and start working on a list that actually makes sense- and one that you can adopt year-round.

1. Make goals based on fitness and strength- not based on the scales.

Most people get fixated, very easily, on a number and get scared when the scales doesn’t co-operate with this (sometimes) unrealistic timeline we set ourselves.

Stop while you’re ahead and make sure you include some solid health goals- totally removed from any number you might or might not have in mind.

2. Meal prep in advance and bring your lunch to work or school

I’m putting my hand up here to say that 2017 was one particular year that I probably ate out nearly every day. I probably brought my lunch with me most days. We are lucky in our new office that we have a heavily subsidized menu at work and it includes healthy options but I have probably spent at least a tenner every working day on food and coffee since January of last year. That’s scary for my wallet and I’d also like to control what goes into my food a little more too. Though, to be fair, my choices are without dressing and low carb too. Coffee though…

3. Set a routine and stick to it

Some people, especially women, tend to think that sticking rigidly to a routine means we are being selfish or not allowing enough time for others. Trust me, start to put yourself others first and it will be amazing how others start to respond. This goes for time in the gym, walks, time out, rest, sleep, naps, reading, eating, time with friends and time in the outdoors. Set boundaries and allow people to work around them- within reason of course!

4. Make treats your actual treats

Ok, I’ve said it before and we do have a tendency towards treating ourselves every day. Some people say they can’t live without chocolate. If this is a square or two of dark chocolate, then sure it’s not the end of the world, but if your little hit each day turns into a Mars bar or a huge bag of jellies, then you probably need to add them to your weekly cheat/treat meal instead.

5. Get your sleep ON

I’m always talking about sleep as this is when our bodies and minds recover. A bad night’s sleep for me is about 6 hours- yikes- I know. This isn’t that bad and is enviable for most who struggle with their sleep. Again, think routine. Mine is to switch my phone off and turn it over about 30 mins before I go to sleep, if not an hour. I also limit my time watching any screens before bed, unless it’s a REALLY good series :). Try supplementing with magnesium or melatonin before bed to ease yourself into a natural pattern. A good stretch can also be added to get your body into wind-down mode!


Benefits of Working out in Winter

Yeah, I know, I know…

The LAST thing ANYONE wants to hear in the run up to party season is to try and get more exercise, but did you know there there are so many benefits to working out and exercising in Winter!

Exercise in Winter

1. You will burn more calories

You actually burn calories by just being cold- YAY! When the temperature outside drops, our bodies have to work that bit harder to keep us warm, so you have a mini-workout before you even tie your shoelaces. WINNING!


2. It boosts your immune system

We have naturally lower levels of vitamin d as our exposure to sunlight is decreased in winter time. The reason being, we naturally spend more time indoors. Trust me, as hard as it is to peel yourself away from the comfy sofa, get up 30 minutes earlier or go for a brisk at lunch while it’s still bright outside. 10 minutes of sunshine is all you need to get your daily top up!


3. It improves your mood

If like me, you are hugely affected by weather changes, you will benefit massively from making sure you don’t skip the gym. Your body release endorphins when you exercise and these little bad boys result in happier moods, less irritability and more positive energy! Try treating yourself to a little sauna or jacuzzi afterwards for an added buzz!


4. You can allow for more calories for your favourite winter warmers

We tend to crave more carbs as the weather gets a little more grim. By upping your game at the gym or ensuring you make that morning or evening run, you can allocate a little more grub (read: treats) to your meal plan and still reap the benefits. Just make sure you treat yourself in moderation and that it still fits into your plan, as specified by a Health professional.


5. It’ll get you out and about (or cosy inside)

As the weather changes we tend to stay inside and are only too pleased when plans get cancelled- is this just me??- so ideally if you buddy up with a pal, you will feel more obliged to get of the couch and turn up to your class/session/running group! I love a good weekend hike, for example…Join a group and you will feel much more motivated, inspired and you will be held accountable if you don’t show up! Alternatively, you can do a handy little at-home HIIT session if it’s too grim to venture outside. Here are some easy peasy routines you can try.

Hopefully you guys will continue to stay as active as possible over the coming weeks. Remember folks, strong, healthy summer bodies are built in Winter!



at- home HIIT

At-home HIIT for a winter’s day

So the weather is still relatively ok here in Dublin but as the evening’s get so much darker earlier on, it’s so easy to become complacent with training, going to classes or sticking to a fitness and health regime.

So, below you have a VERY simple at-home HIIT program you can do anywhere- in a hotel room, on a balcony,  in the sitting room or even in your bedroom!

This is a no excuses, no equipment workout for those tight on time and even tighter on motivation!

  • 15 static lunges (per leg)
  • 15 split squats (per leg)
  • 15 sumo squats
  • 10 burpees
  • 10 push ups
  • 10 plank get-ups (per arm)

Do one round of all exercises as fast as you can, then take 30 secs-1 min rest (depending on your fitness levels!).

Repeat x 4 and you are DONE