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10 ways to stay healthy this Christmas

Look, after all your hard work, the last thing you want to do is start off the New Year in bad mood, with poor gut health, excess body fat and a sour mood!

Don’t let the Christmas party season weigh you down. Avoid festive weight gain with these 10 ways to stay healthy this Christmas, staying fit in the festive mix!


10 ways to stay healthy this Christmas

1. Always eat before you go to a festive dinner party. Yes it sounds silly, but having a healthy, balanced mini-meal before you head out means you are less likely to splurge on food that probably has been fried and refried and doesn’t even taste too good!

2. Drink water in between drinks and if you do want to have a few drinks, stick to vodka, soda water and lime- a little easier on the liver in terms of detox and also not too calorific in terms of sugar. It comes in at about 100 calories per ‘average’ serving.

3. Remember to eat fats- if you are opting for salads to try and fit into that little black dress, remember to add chopped nuts, seeds and a good quality olive oil. Fats are your friend and are needed to aid your fat burning process!

4. Snack more often. Don’t get caught going for hours without eating. I’m so bad at this lately. Try and always have some snacks in your bag to avoid reaching for something more convenient off the shelf. I find coconut water, regular still water and almond nuts do the trick for me!

5. Chose and select your parties. You don’t have to go to EVERY single party. Attend a select few and take care of yourself on nights out. If you feel dizzy or sick, go home. Don’t risk it. Food poisoning cases and alcohol poisoning cases rise dramatically during the festive season so be mindful of yourself and your pals.

6. Make your own treats! Of course you will be surrounded by sugar over the holidays and you don’t want to be the only one not letting your hair down. My first E-Book has plenty of healthy cheats for you to try out and is available for immediate download, so you can get started today. You can buy it here.

7. Get moving. You will feel better. Trust me. Even if it’s a quick run or fast walk before dinner, or perhaps a set of abs each day, followed by a quick circuit every second day, you will feel SO much better after putting in a little effort. Oh and you won’t have to worry about squeezing into your NYE dress either! You can find loads of simple at-home exercises to try out here for free.

8. Nobody leaves baby in the corner. Get up, grab the girls and go for a little dance-off. I’m FAR from a fan of cardio, but it all seems pretty effortless if it’s on the dance-floor with Queen Bey lashing out the songs. And yes it counts as cardio. Ssssh to the haters.

9. Leave the car at home. Although the weather is a little crap. Actually a LOT crap at the moment. There are so many beautiful places across Ireland to enjoy a brisk walk, even if it does mean layering up like you’re off to the Arctic circle. Take your time off work and put effort into enjoying the gorgeous sights our lovely little island has to offer. I’m heading West this Christmas and have my heart set on delving deeper into the Gaeltacht and the lovely beaches in the area! And of course the obligatory Salthill beach walk!

10. Allow yourself a VERY naughty Christmas Day. Yes, you heard it here first. Eat ALL of the things, drink ALL of the Bailey’s coffees and eat, drink and be merry. Tomorrow is a new day and we all deserve a treat.

To each and every one of my gorgeous followers, have a super, wonderful, magical Christmas and thank you from the bottom of my heart for following my blog…


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