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20 things about Me: Gym Bunny

So I’ve had quite a few new followers and tend to get lots of the same questions about what I am, what I love/hate, about my background and what I do!

Here goes- here are 20 things about me for any newbies to my social feed:

1. I am from Sligo originally but have lived in Mayo, Donegal, Galway, Barcelona and Dublin now. I’ve lived in so many houses due to my Dad’s job that I actually cannot keep count!

2. My degree was in Video & Film Production. I hated it. Except for a module in Production & Set Design. I now work predominantly in Content Production and love what I’m doing and video production plays a huge part in this! Funny how life turns out 🙂

3. I love, love health and fitness. I got into training a lot more after my Mum died of cancer in 2011. Her name was Lorna and she was the strongest person I ever met. She died from lung cancer and has taught me to only focus my time and energy into things I genuinely love. Nothing else matters.

4. I am a total perfectionist. I have had to learn that in working life you have to do things 80/20 as otherwise you’ll drive yourself to an early grave. My advice? Get done and fix it afterwards. No one can get angry if you try.

5. I adore my family and have the best relationship with them. We are open and honest about everything and I’d be lost without them.

6. I am obsessed with fat, wrinkley dogs. Their smell, their little smashed up faces. Everything. Sigh to living in an apartment, sigh.

7. I love the smell of bleach. Like LOVE it. I would bleach you all if I could to be fair.

8. I love long walks, beaches, sunshine and travelling. Combine all and I am the happiest little pig in the land. No better feeling that lying in the sun with good music, snacks and ending the day with sandy toes. BLISS.

9. I would spend every penny I have on healthy eating and travelling if I could. There is nothing better than investing in yourself (and loved ones too!).

10. I hate receiving gifts. I get socially awkward and almost angry. Especially if they are of significant value. I’m really stubborn so kind of feel like if I wanted an expensive gift I’d buy it myself- my poor boyfriend- I’m a bag of crazy!

11. I can be very negative and tend towards self-doubt. Despite being an outwardly very positive person, I can be quite negative when it comes to my own value and worth. I can doubt myself far too easily.

12. I am over the moon when good things happen to good people. I am literally the happiest person when things go right for my friends. My heart feels like it will explode and I cry with happiness when they are genuinely happy.

13. I don’t have TV channels. Yep, giant weirdo. It’s just such a waste of time. I only watch TV in my pal Siobhan’s house or at Christmas in my Dad’s.

14. I LOVE my food. I am ALWAYS HUNGRY. I get really bad moods when not fed regularly.

15. I would love to live in another country again for a year or two. It’s the most exciting feeling in the world to start from scratch.

16. I am 33, 158 cm, size XS and have 36.5 feet with long brown hair with balayage at the end (usually a total mess) and my eyes are bluey greeney grey I guess.

17. I love everything digital, social media and photography. I confess to using my phone far too much but I draw the line at meal-times and when out with friends. Put your phone away you rudie!

18. I am looking to buy a house but am struggling to find something suitable. I also don’t want to grow up so it’s a delicate process.

19. I don’t yet have my driving license. I know. I did my test once and failed, got grumpy and kind of gave up. Ekk. Time to get back on the saddle I guess.

20. I want to go back and study properly. I’d love to do a tonne of courses- Nutrition and Life Coaching, Consumer Behaviour in the digital landscape, Spanish ( I speak it but it’s gotten worse since I moved home to Ireland), Make-up artistry- I know!- and maybe a few others- I just love learning!

That’s me in a nutshell 🙂

Orla X

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