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24hr Concern Fast Ambassador for 2016

I was truly honoured and humbled to be asked to join some of Ireland’s top fitness and health bloggers to be one of this year’s Concern Fast Ambassadors to generate registrations and awareness of the fast in the run up to today!

I’m currently three quarters the way through my own fast and have decided to set up a donation page for anyone who may not want to actually do the fast but who may want to donate even a few euro!

If you think your tiny donation isn’t worthwhile, please think again.

-€24.00 will allow us to feed a child for one full month
-€72.00 will help us to provide food for three children for one month
-€240.00 will allow us to provide food for up to 10 children for a month
Let that sink in….
We spend money so carelessly every day, on over-priced coffees (guilty as charged!), lunch out (again!), drinks at the weekend (not me!) and clothes, makeup and products that we just don’t need (again guilty here!).
Please, please, please, just for today, why not donate the price of your fancy coffee or your scone and tea at elevenses as every little donation makes a difference.
Donate here:
Thanks guys
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