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30 Day Plank Challenge

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Have had so many emails the past few days asking me how to get a leaner tummy in the lead up to summer!

So, here are a few tips:

  1. Start drinking more water to flush out any nasty toxins
  2. Swap your regular tea and coffee for green tea
  3. Start drinking a good Greens drink each day
  4. Avoid bread, pasta, sugary foods and excess fruit
  5. Give my 30 Day Plank Challenge a go!

P.S. You may not know this- I didn’t before my trainer told me- but if you suffer from stress or are not sleeping you will release high levels of cortisol and your body will be more likely to store excess fat around your middle.
Take a few Magnesium tablets about an hour or so before bed and you’ll start to sleep like a baby 🙂

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