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30 Minute Workout

Gym Bunny - Fitness at Home - 30 Minute Workout

With this workout, don’t be expecting to be lifting tins of beans- Forget Operation Transformation, here’s a 30 minute workout that can be squeezed into your busy day, perfect for burning fat, boosting your metabolism and toning any wobbly bits! No equipment necessary- just you and your body!

Group 1
Gym Bunny - Fitness at Home

  1. Lunge & Reach x 20 reps- 10 each leg alternating
  2. Burpees x 15- Long stride, big jump, very dynamic
  3. Wallsit – straight into this- squat down to 90 degrees, keeping your shoulders and head against the wall and your hands across your chest (don’t rest your hands on your legs)

Take 40 seconds rest and repeat 3-4 times

Group 2

  1. Kneeling Push-ups- do this until failure- whether this is 2 or 20. The more advanced you are you start off by trying to get your chest down or your hips down.
  2. Go straight into a Plank position- keep your back straight, keeping your back and bum very tense the whole time and hold for 45 seconds.
  3. Leg Raises- Turn over and lie on your back, put your finger tips under your lower back, put your feet up in the air, keeping the pressure from your on your fingers. Lower your legs down towards the floor, until you feel the pressure coming off your fingers by your back arching. Repeat x 15 reps

Take 40 seconds rest and repeat 3-4 times


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