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5 Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier 2018

So, you’ve counted down to zero and a new chapter has begun. It’s not too late to forget your traditional ‘to-do’ list and start working on a list that actually makes sense- and one that you can adopt year-round.

1. Make goals based on fitness and strength- not based on the scales.

Most people get fixated, very easily, on a number and get scared when the scales doesn’t co-operate with this (sometimes) unrealistic timeline we set ourselves.

Stop while you’re ahead and make sure you include some solid health goals- totally removed from any number you might or might not have in mind.

2. Meal prep in advance and bring your lunch to work or school

I’m putting my hand up here to say that 2017 was one particular year that I probably ate out nearly every day. I probably brought my lunch with me most days. We are lucky in our new office that we have a heavily subsidized menu at work and it includes healthy options but I have probably spent at least a tenner every working day on food and coffee since January of last year. That’s scary for my wallet and I’d also like to control what goes into my food a little more too. Though, to be fair, my choices are without dressing and low carb too. Coffee though…

3. Set a routine and stick to it

Some people, especially women, tend to think that sticking rigidly to a routine means we are being selfish or not allowing enough time for others. Trust me, start to put yourself others first and it will be amazing how others start to respond. This goes for time in the gym, walks, time out, rest, sleep, naps, reading, eating, time with friends and time in the outdoors. Set boundaries and allow people to work around them- within reason of course!

4. Make treats your actual treats

Ok, I’ve said it before and we do have a tendency towards treating ourselves every day. Some people say they can’t live without chocolate. If this is a square or two of dark chocolate, then sure it’s not the end of the world, but if your little hit each day turns into a Mars bar or a huge bag of jellies, then you probably need to add them to your weekly cheat/treat meal instead.

5. Get your sleep ON

I’m always talking about sleep as this is when our bodies and minds recover. A bad night’s sleep for me is about 6 hours- yikes- I know. This isn’t that bad and is enviable for most who struggle with their sleep. Again, think routine. Mine is to switch my phone off and turn it over about 30 mins before I go to sleep, if not an hour. I also limit my time watching any screens before bed, unless it’s a REALLY good series :). Try supplementing with magnesium or melatonin before bed to ease yourself into a natural pattern. A good stretch can also be added to get your body into wind-down mode!

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2 thoughts on “5 Resolutions for a Happier, Healthier 2018

  1. Hey there, Nice resolutions. I always take tough resolutions in the beginning of the year and later on fail badly at it. But i know what resolution to take. Nice post. It helped me a lot. Gonna start from today. Hope to go far by this year. Keep sharing..!!

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