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A LIDL bit of brightness for your gym gear

So from January to March, there is an incredible range of Crivit fitness fashion and home gym equipment in all LIDL stores nationwide.

So whether you are planning a mid-week Pilates class or a little HIIT, there is something there for everyone- AND for little shorties like me, they now do smaller sizes too- YAY!

Prices, as expected start at as little as €4.99 for vests, some with moisture wick material, others with reflective material for those who like running- but for me it’s too chilly and I’m allergic to endurance cardio 🙂


For those of you who love squatting and heavier weight sessions, be sure to do a squat test before trying them in the gym as some are more suited to yoga and more gentle sports- like all brands. The more fitted vests (the pink one in this photos) should be paired with higher waisted running tights as the tummy support is a little lighter than some people might be comfortable with- BUT the capris I’m wearing in these photos are the perfect partner to add to the lower tummy support for planks and all of those nasty exercises that don’t always leave us looking our best-eek! I chose to wear the pink vest under the blue one, and it’s a much more casual look- the blue one will also double up nicely as a little summer top for holidays- Go LIDL!



I wore the grey fitted cowl neck top (pictured above) to the gym last week and got so many compliments- I wear XS in fitted tops like this and typically they still swamp me but this fits like a glove! As for the hiking/outdoor jacket, this is more suited to windy, wet weather- I have a hiking holiday coming up in a few weeks in Kerry so this will definitely be coming in the suitcase!


All in all, the range is hugely affordable- the cuts vary, for example, the longer running tights in this range didn’t suit my body shape- My legs are quite curvy to say the least and I’m only 158cm- so I need to have a little ankle showing or I’m swamped but these may suit those looking for a higher waist who are a little taller and who want more tummy support. Whereas the more fitted, shorter capris suited my boootaaay down to a T- they are super flattering for those with, let’s say, more ‘ample’ glutes! 😉


For just a LIDL pocket money really, you can style your Spring wardrobe regardless of your size and shape, which is truly refreshing! Spreading a #LidlFitness love- well done LIDL!

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