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A little boost for your immune system

Wondering how to keep the nasty bugs at bay?

EVERYONE seems to be sick at the moment- at work, friends, family…and sometimes, when we are so caught up in work and life in general, we tend to forget to take a good vitamin or mineral supplement.

I have two stashes of all of my ‘usuals’- one in my work bag and one at home. I always start the day with a mineral supplement like Quinton Tonic or Revive and literally flit between the two depending on how I’m feeling or what time of the month it is!

I then have my breakfast (usually eggs, ham, veggies or just eggs and coffee!) and follow that with fish oils probiotics and a good multivitamin (I flit between a few brands actually now!).

As I said, I find keeping an extra stash in my work bag (particularly like Berocca or pure vitamin C) really handy for an afternoon pick-me-up at work that is much kinder at 3pm than a large americano!

At night then I drift off with some magnesium and some casein for a gentle ease into a good night’s sleep.

The above works for me and I rarely get sick to be honest. If there is a flu going around I take some pure vitamin C and creatine (just a small dose- like half a scoop) and I’ve found it definitely helps keep me feeling tip top!

None of these are ADs- I genuinely love and use these products and they come highly recommended by my boyfriend and family who have all started using them too (and who lead active but very different lifestyles!).

It’s time to start feeling 150%- give it a go…


*Note I’m not a qualified Nutritionist and am merely passing on some tips I feel work for me. Always talk to your GP before taking any new supplements particularly if you suffer from a chronic illness or are pregnant or trying to conceive.

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