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A safer way to tan with Karora

I’m a sun bunny. I admit it. I lived in Spain for years and love, love, love nothing better than sitting out in the sunshine soaking up that oh-so-precious vitamin D. However, the sensible side of me knows that it’s not exactly the best for my skin. I’ve started using Image SPF 30 and 30 each day and have really seen a difference in the quality of my skin. I also use some other products in the line as they really do work.


Now sun tanning aside, as I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve become more aware of the real risks of sunbathing- I still do lie out on a sun holiday but I’m much more careful about SPF and covering my face and chest etc…I’ve also learned that for me, having a tan makes me feel better about myself for some weird reason. Yes I know, guilty as charged, your Honour. I feel leaner, more confident and feel my abs pop a little more too. I’m not talking a full on orange glow, but moreso a nice, gentle glow post-holidays. And when you spend most of your time in gym gear, you want to feel the best you can about yourself.


If, like me, you struggle to find a tan that doesn’t smell, doesn’t look fake and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky, sweaty and feeling uncomfortable overnight, I may have found the perfect in-betweeny tan.

I’m very lucky to receive different brands of tan quite often to trial but there are a few stand outs, such as Bellamianta, Baby Browne and my new fave Karora.

The difference with Karora is that it’s so light and fresh to apply (it really is actually!), the colour blends perfectly with my skin (I went for light/medium) and it fades really gradually. I actually used it post-holidays to keep the glow and apply it roughly once-twice a week. It’s perfect for a light glow on your legs if you wear skirts during the summer but aren’t blessed with a natural tan! This is gradual tanning at it’s very finest, trust me- hydrating, glowy and smells AMAZING!

I was given a few other products to trial too but felt the dark mousse would be too dark for my skin just now, so will give that a go closer to winter for nights out etc…I also tried  the instant tan at a recent wedding (I’m not a fan of Sally Hansen at all and find it quite drying!) but the Karora counterpart was incredible, moisturising, glowy and didn’t sit in my pores like Sally H can do. The cc-cream  is fab too and am currently using that as my general day ‘foundation’. It works really well with loose powder, not too much and not too little coverage and again it feels very fresh on- I also use a little on gym days. Yes, again, guilty as charged!


Long story short, if you are looking for a light, even glow (not a proper tan) the gradual tanner will be right up your alley and likewise for any gym bunnies looking for a little cover up at the gym without a full face of makeup, the cc- cream is your new best friend.

Oh and it helps that it’s not tested on animals, full of lovely botanical ingredients and has a shelf life of 12 months (ie: kinder to skin!) and is fully recyclable too. Jus’ sayin’.

Oh and just WAIT until you smell the products – LOVE.


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