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Benefits of Working out in Winter

Yeah, I know, I know…

The LAST thing ANYONE wants to hear in the run up to party season is to try and get more exercise, but did you know there there are so many benefits to working out and exercising in Winter!

Exercise in Winter

1. You will burn more calories

You actually burn calories by just being cold- YAY! When the temperature outside drops, our bodies have to work that bit harder to keep us warm, so you have a mini-workout before you even tie your shoelaces. WINNING!


2. It boosts your immune system

We have naturally lower levels of vitamin d as our exposure to sunlight is decreased in winter time. The reason being, we naturally spend more time indoors. Trust me, as hard as it is to peel yourself away from the comfy sofa, get up 30 minutes earlier or go for a brisk at lunch while it’s still bright outside. 10 minutes of sunshine is all you need to get your daily top up!


3. It improves your mood

If like me, you are hugely affected by weather changes, you will benefit massively from making sure you don’t skip the gym. Your body release endorphins when you exercise and these little bad boys result in happier moods, less irritability and more positive energy! Try treating yourself to a little sauna or jacuzzi afterwards for an added buzz!


4. You can allow for more calories for your favourite winter warmers

We tend to crave more carbs as the weather gets a little more grim. By upping your game at the gym or ensuring you make that morning or evening run, you can allocate a little more grub (read: treats) to your meal plan and still reap the benefits. Just make sure you treat yourself in moderation and that it still fits into your plan, as specified by a Health professional.


5. It’ll get you out and about (or cosy inside)

As the weather changes we tend to stay inside and are only too pleased when plans get cancelled- is this just me??- so ideally if you buddy up with a pal, you will feel more obliged to get of the couch and turn up to your class/session/running group! I love a good weekend hike, for example…Join a group and you will feel much more motivated, inspired and you will be held accountable if you don’t show up! Alternatively, you can do a handy little at-home HIIT session if it’s too grim to venture outside. Here are some easy peasy routines you can try.

Hopefully you guys will continue to stay as active as possible over the coming weeks. Remember folks, strong, healthy summer bodies are built in Winter!



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