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Christopher Cadwell, Before and After

So in 2011 I decided to make a change in my life… my weight had skyrocketed to 23 & 1/2 stone and didn’t look like it was going to slow down. I played rugby but the weight was really starting to affect my performance… I felt sluggish, fatigued and confidence was at an all time low.

I decided to in list the help of a PT as I needed expert advice on how to reach the goals I’d set out for myself (Originally 115kg). The biggest & hardest change was the nutritional side of things, but having changed my nutritional habits completely I immediately started to feel so much more energetic. My performance on the pitch and fitness levels increased dramatically as the weight started to come off. There were plenty of road blocks on my journey, were the weight just wasn’t moving anymore. I then discovered that the closer I got to my goal the more strict I had to be… I started eliminating the “healthy snacks” (or so I thought…) and the weight started to shift again.

Christopher Cadwell before and after

I’ve now blown past my initial target of 115kg were as I got down to 95kg and then decided to add some muscle  mass and go back up to 105kg but with a lower body fat % then I had when I was 95kg.

This isn’t just a hobby / interest anymore- I’ve changed my lifestyle so much that I now have a career in the Health & Fitness Industry as a PT myself at The Edge: Clontarf. I wouldn’t choose any other job in the world as I love helping others, in similar situations to myself, to help transform their lifestyles and to help them reach their goals.

(Chris is my PT at The Edge: Clontarf and offers free consultations for those looking to start on a healthier path. You can reach him on 853 4091 or by emailing info@theedgeclontarf.com. You can also follow his Fitness pages for super yummy recipes and some nutrition and exercise tips here.)

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