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My Clean Eating Recipe E-Book Reviews

raw caramel slices

I love eating and I loved eating so much I decided to write a little book about it…

But enough about me, here’s what some of my readers have to say about it:


“Had the clean mousse yesterday – beyond delicious so rich, so filling, just amazing! Best decision I ever made to get the e-book! Any more exist or in the pipeline?”

Ciara Mahon

clean nuggets


“The choc mousse is unreal…oh my God..in Heaven!”

Meabh Ni Fhlaithearta


“My chilli flat bread pizza creation!”

Alice Collins

chilli flatbread

“Just got you’re e-book congratulations its brilliant I know you’re a busy woman but have u ever thought of running a weekly class to go with you’re recipes like slimming world or weight watchers but for clean eaters?”

Audrey Dunne


“Love love love your e-book especially the meal plans! Thank you”

Sinead Carville


If this sounds like something that you might like to try, you can buy it here for just €6.99!

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2 thoughts on “My Clean Eating Recipe E-Book Reviews

  1. Hi,I really want to buy your e-book but it won’t let me as I don’t have a postcode?!!I know lots of Irish people have bought this so just wondering what did you put in? I tried all the usual stuff like N/A!!

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