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Why don’t we celebrate our #healthyselfies?

fitness selfie

Ok, so the whole #selfie business has gotten a little out of control…but something happened today that made me wonder why it seems more ok to put a photo of ourselves on Social Media where we are totally made up in tan, nails, make-up and even drunk or doing a duck face, than it is to celebrate how great our natural body looks.

Are we afraid that we might get slagged off? People might think that we are being conceited, big-headed, cocky if we are happy with what we perceive to be ‘progress’ in our own eyes? Just because our interests might be more health related than club related now?

Well hear this, I want to make it my thing to ensure that people on my sites, pages, blog etc…that they feel comfortable posting progress shots, sharing photos, stories, anecdotes, meal plans, tips, exercises, etc…but only if it is with a positive outlook, not at all critical, and not at all negative or body shaming or do do with diets or weight loss.

fitness selfie

We are all born a certain shape, we have different genetic and some of us gain, store and lose weight easier than others. It doesn’t mean for a second that it give ANY of us the right to shame, bully or comment negatively about someone’s appearance.

I think it’s super if someone wants to show their positive progress photo of successful and healthy fat loss- I think these people deserve our support, our admiration and our motivation.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us could eat better, get more rested sleep, drink more water, eat less sugar and exercise more productively but as I said, this aside, we all look so different and are all on different pages in the book.

So next time you see a #Fitness or #Fitspo photo on your timeline, why not congratulate the person, give them the pat on the back they deserve and tell them how proud you are of them.

Simple, kind words can really make someone’s day.


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