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Fact + Fiction Gym Bag review

So I get sent products to review from time to time and try and be as honest as possible when it comes to giving my feedback to the brand.

Typically, there is no obligation for me to even do a review and I only actually do a review for products I really like and rate highly, as I’m aware that when people buy something I recommend, Ireland is small and I could easily end up  meeting them somewhere! SO best to be truthful guess 🙂

I’m a bag person. I’m not a girlie girl and don’t spend a huge amount of money on clothes, apart from gym gear obvs! But I do love bags. Fact + Fiction (previously known as Gymtote) reached out to me on Instagram (@gymbunnydublin) and kindly wanted to send me a sample.


I said HELL YES and a few days later, my beaut of a bag arrived in the post AND so I’m itching to tell you all about it!

What is a Fact + Fiction bag?

A Fact + Fiction bag is a hybrid of the ultimate work meets gym bag. It’s also the makings of a super-stylish baby bag for any mammas’ out there.

What kind of styles are there?

So I was sent the Sophia tote and am actually running a competition to give it away, as I felt my followers would love it! I also felt that for my new commute it might be a little big- I’m just 158 cm (5 2.5!) so any bags look big on me but I felt I wouldn’t make the best use of this particular model. It’s so SO gorgeous though and you can literally fit in your gym gear, your work laptop, your trainers, your meals for the day, protein shakes, snacks and more. It’s for those of you, like me, who spend their lives lugging around 2 or 3 bags to and from work and just need one solid, yet super stylish bag in lieu. It comes in black, tan, red and blue but by far my favourite is the black. This bag is also ideal for nights or weekends away or even long-haul flights. THE DREAM!


I’ve actually just ordered the Charli backpack as it’s a little more convenient for me size-wise, as it’s (well obviously) a backpack! It’s still very roomy but it’s a little smaller that it’s counterpart above. Again, it will fit your gym gear, your work bits and pieces, laptop and anything else you can squeeze in. I got the quilted one as it’s just that bit more ‘extra’ and really looks great with either gym or work wear.


Lastly you have the Cali tote. This, to me, would make for an excellent baby bag for any fashion savvy Mum’s and Dad’s out there! It’s quilted, which I love and it’s equally roomy. It’s also a softer material so feels more ‘gym bag’ but it would still make for the perfect roomy day bag. Can you tell I LOVE these bags??


Why should  you buy a Fact +Fiction bag?

  • Are you always rummaging through your bag to find wallet, keys etc?
  • Do you carry several smaller bags with you each day as you go about your busy schedule?
  • Do you often go straight from home to gym to work or work to gym?
  • Do you meal prep and need to bring separate containers for all your meals and snacks?
  • Are you a gym bunny who always carries trainers, hoodies, swimming gear?
  • Does your baby bag look too ‘mumsy’ for your liking?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, these bags are for you! They are durable, stylish, functional, roomy, wipeble, breathable, don’t hold onto smells and are very good at holding your life together in one little place.

If I we’re you, I’d be adding one of these bad gals to your Santa list sooner than later!

Oh and if you do fancy treating yourself to a Fact + Fiction gym bag, here’s a little discount from me for anything across the site- simply use the code BUNNY10  🙂


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