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Fitspo- You can’t out train a bad diet

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Our diet is hugely important, not just so we look healthier, leaner and stronger when we eat healthier but for our energy levels, our mood and our overall outlook and positivity.

Our whole self-image can be affected if each day we are eating foods that disable us to absorb the correct nutrients from the healthy food we eat.

We might be allergic, intolerant or sensitive to certain food types that lower our energy, make us irritable, make us feel jittery, make us feel bloated, sluggish, give us acne, affect our periods, our sex drive, even our ability to have a family.

The scary thing is that people don’t seem to take this into account when making their choices each day as to what to eat and drink. It seems that if everyone else is eating it, why can’t I?

We need to research, we need to throw away boxes, tins and packages and try and move towards a cleaner way of eating.

You’ll feel much happier, trust me x

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