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Gift Ideas for the Gym Bunny in your life

So we all get a little stuck for ideas for friends, partners, siblings, relatives and colleagues so I’ve compiled a wish list of gift ideas for the gym bunny in your life this Christmas.

And yes I want it ALL.


Let’s start with nutrition. Every single girl would get use out of this if they are at all into cooking, baking, coffees or smoothies on the go, soups, sauces, you name it…oh and you can buy it on sale here.



From tracking your vitals, to telling you how much sleep you managed to get to the exact minute, these little bad boys are now available in rose gold- behold…you can snap yours up here online but they are available in shops all across Ireland too 🙂

simple-b-cssdisabled-png-h14a08e77c08f143633f616e3084bd3c3-packGym Tote

Is it a sports bag; is it an office bag; who knows and who cares. This is legit gymbunny yessable. You can snap up the Eva here– but it’s also ice cool in the tan and black without the croc print. I’ll take one of each puh-lease.



So who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? I’ll have mine in the shape of a holdall please by Puma from my pals at OPSH. You can snap this up here. Thank you very much.



I do not know why I love these so, but I do. I want them in pink and rose gold and actually any colour that I can get my greedy little mitts on. How pretty would the pink be with our Fitbit in rose gold and the nice Puma bag for some added gym swag?! JD’s have some options here. 


Stocking Fillers

If, like me, you plan to stay away from (most) of the goodies being passed around Christmas day aside of course, you might want to include these on the wish list.


So there you have it- some nice little ideas for the gym bunny in your life. Now to write my Santa letter 🙂


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