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Gym Bunny’s gym gear wish list!

So, the January blues are almost passed us- wuhu!

Now it’s time to fill our head’s with upcoming longer evenings, daffodils, spring time and all that jazz!

For gym nerds like me I just can’t wait to get back into my capris and brighter gym colours- wopah!

See my spring-time wish list for gym gear:


These are by a brand called Body Science and are the Lux Mesh Compression leggings- totally comfortable and squat-proof although I prefer them on a Saturday with my white trainers and a cute fitted top and a denim shirt thrown over. Minimal fuss and all kindsa chic. You can buy them here.


Reebok ClassicsSo I’m old enough to have worn these the first time they were cool, so they are definitely making my wish list this Spring- so fresh, so clean and just so god damn verstile. You can buy them here.

So, I’m always on the lookout for a sports bra which gives a little colour-pop or adds a little something to my gym gear, and this little baby goes perfectly well underneath the Adidas cover-up below.


And finally, a little clean colour splash for my new Spring-time look I’m thinking something like this…


Ok, now hurry up pay-day PUH-LEASE!!!!

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