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GymBunny Goals for 2017

So things start to get altogether FAR too official when you write them down/type them down, don’t they?

Well as an avid and total nerdy list-writer to beat the band, I’ve decided to write down mine in detail. Some are cringey as they have been on my list for quite some time. Others probably wouldn’t even make other people’s list…


Why don’t you do the same? I promise- it’s totally theraputic…

1. Train 3-5 times each week, no matter what. Despite what you might think, I don’t always get time to train, or should I say I don’t always give myself the time to train. I put other things first. Training for me is therapy and health and both intertwined. Therefore this year it’s a personal goal to stick to it..

2. Be more dedicated to my blog. I get so many mails about where I am and why I’m not posting as often, why don’t I share more etc…There are a myriad of reasons but mostly because I am so busy with my full-time job. I am not a ‘full-time’ blogger (wouldn’t that be the dream!) and with this in mind I have to prioritize, but perhaps time to push the boat out a little more in 2017?

3. Relax more. Although my first two points above are to do more, I perhaps need to just learn to be a little better with my time in general. This includes making more of my down-time to make it actual PROPER down-time and not just scrolling my way through instagram in bed- yikes!

4. Stretch and work on mobility. So last year I wanted to do my first hand stand and I DID IT! But did I practise and evolve it? NOOOO! Shame on me! I was so excited to do it that once I reached my little goal, I stopped. After a little injury on my back this year, I’m ready now to rebuild and readjust the focus wheel and take time to do the not so fun stuff in the gym just as much as the fun stuff.

5. Travel more. On my list this year so far are; Bali, Marbella, Gothenburg & Stockholm and perhaps the US too- maybe San Fran or NYC! Or Thailand?! Gah!

6. Study more. I started an online nutrition course last year and never finished it. Perhaps me and online study just don’t go well together. I find that when I know the content I stop reading so perhaps I need a more advanced course or a more in-depth method of learning and a tutor I look up to! I also want to learn more about the psychology of buyer behaviour and why we do what we do online- I’m such a nerd I know 🙂

7. Finally get my driving test. I’m 33- yikes!- and STILL I don’t have my driving test agh!! I failed it last year and got really annoyed with myself as I made a stupid mistake of driving out before someone on the roundabout- who knew kids who knew…- so I need to allow myself the time to get back behind the wheel, without harming anyone in the process- eek!

8. Balance my work/study/training/friends/boyf/family time better. I probably need to plan things a little better to make sure I have time to see everyone without burning out or trying to do everything at once. I have friends living all across the country as have moved a lot since I was a kid so need to reach out to my favourites a little more and spend more quality time with family and boyf too!

9. Make more weekend plans for exploring. My boyfriend works most weekends so I tend to use Saturday and Sunday mornings as work days too which ends up being a very long, foggy week of kind of-kind of not working. This year I want to visit: Cork, Belfast and surroundings, Donegal, Mayo and Clare in a little more detail!

10. Walk more. After all my talking about moving more and stretching more and training more, I often end up driving or taking the bus or a taxi instead of getting out and about and walking like I used to. Bad habit and one that needs to change. Such a simple trick to look and feel so much better almost instantly.


What are YOUR #lifegoals for 2017 and beyond?


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