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Hate Running? Me TOO!

If you hate running, you are in good company right about here lads.

I huff and I puff and I get relatively nowhere.

You see, weights for me as easy peasy. I enjoy the challenge of lifting heavier and testing myself. Cardio, on the other hand, I could take or leave…

So when my coach Chris said he wanted me to start running I was NOT impressed, but actually, would you believe I am already seeing lots of nice changes in myself since he ramped up the dreaded cardio…

This is what I’ve noticed:

  1. I’ve shaved time off my rowing and don’t feel as breathless
  2. I started running with no headphones and find it WAY easier. Typically I’d have to run to Prodigy or very up tempo dance tracks but when a song came on that I didn’t like, I tended to slow my pace. No music, no problem. In fact I like that it makes me clear my head properly with no distraction now except my breath.
  3. I run at night. Mostly because I hate other people seeing me run. Yeah. yeah I know. But I also hate running behind someone or having other people run behind me. Empty footpaths are my new therapy.
  4. I feel more trim, a little tighter and my mood is better. 3 pretty important changes.
  5. I’m actually starting to LIKE running. I know- who am I???


Now don’t go getting any fancy notions of me running a marathon, but I do like the changes I’m seeing- and hoping to see some nice changes in my legs too as that’s where I have the most difficulty in stripping body fat, regardless of how much weight training sessions I do- WAH!

Do you have any running tips for me?


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