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Healthy food I’m LOVING this week

So I get sent quite a lot of food, supplements and different gym related bits and pieces to try out but I only give little shout outs to the ones that I LOVE.

This week I was lucky enough to receive packages from some amazing Irish businesses and here were my definite favourites amongst the bunch:

BFree Gluten-free wraps

These are perfect for on-the-go lunches- I keep my diet low carb but these are very easily digested and the macros are quite decent too- and for those on a calorie restricted diet, they come in between 99-130 calories.

Bfree wraps

Chia Omega3 Oil

Chia Oil is a natural Omega 3 supplement that is derived by cold pressing 100% chia (Salvia Hispanica L) seeds. These small vegan-friendly capsules give all the benefits of Omega 3 ALA in an easy to swallow, plant based format that has no smell or after-taste

Each serving gives 1200mg of Omega 3 ALA which contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels (fat is good for you!) and supports a healthy heart.

Chia Oil

Chia Apple and Cinnamon

So yes, another Chia bia entry for this week- so delicious over my porridge this morning and tastes like Christmas. See above for the amazing health benefits of Chia seeds!

Chia Apple and cinnamon

Dr. Zak’s Peanut Butter from Discount Supplements

I just can’t even  begin to explain this- peanut butter, raspberries, whey protein. Heaven. just do it.


Pre-workout treats from Discount Supplements

Let’s just say there MAY have been some P.B.’s after these bad boys haha! I don’t take pre-workout unless I feel I really need it as my sessions in the gym are only an hour. If i’m on holidays though I’ll always take some and then re-hydrate with some electrolytes.


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