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Healthy Snacks on the Go!

frozen grapes

It can be super hard to eat clean on the go. If you’re anything like me, you turn into a hungry (h-ANGRY!) monster if you need to be fed or watered.

This is even harder to bear at certain times of the month…My advice is this, and take it if you will:

Always carry at least a litre of water or green tea in your bag- it’s heavy but hey it’s a mini work-out 🙂

Carry a little tiny lunch box with some sort of nut- cashews, almonds, macadamias or brazil nuts are good


Mix it up with some coconut, dried mango or chilli flakes if you prefer savoury!

Try my protein balls for the perfect pre-workout snack on the go- you can find the recipe here in my recipe book – they are so easy to make and last a few days in the fridge- yummy too!

Chop up some apple and have it with a big dollop of nut butter- almond butter my favourite and is available at all good health stores and even Super Valu, Tesco and other shops now so no excuses!

For a little post workout, try some greek yoghurt and blueberries and a teeny little bit of honey and some flaxseed or goji berries- it makes that hour of spin class totally worthwhile!

frozen grapes

Bounce balls are amazing- you can buy them in bulk here and are definitely worth buying in larger quantities- the almond one is my go-to with a big cup of green tea!

Dark chocolate- over 70%- now don;t go crazy but dark chocolate is actually ok in small quantities- not so good if you have a tendency to go mad after a sniff of sugar but definitely better than a huge bar of galaxy all to yourself 🙂

meridian nut butter

A turkey sausage yep might sound a little gross to anyone who is new to cleaner eating but a little burst of protein can be the perfect little pick-me-up in between meals

Boiled eggs and avocado with salt, pepper and some olive oil. HEAVEN.

Roast turkey slices

Handful of frozen grapes post workout

There are plenty more- these are just a few of my favourite that taste great and satisfy cravings- what’s your favourite healthy snack on the go? 🙂

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