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Holland & Barrett- Go GREEN for Paddy’s Day!

So I was lucky enough to sample some of the amazing products on offer this Paddy’s Day at Holland & Barrett.

From wheat grass shots in handy little sachets to hefty tubs of spirulina, apple pie  flavoured Nakd Bars to cheeky little fruit rolls, perfect for little lunch-time treats!


This time of year, I tend to feel like even my double shot Americano in the morning just doesn’t seem to cut it. I tend to swap around my supplements to keep the ole body guessing and find that by taking a little sachet of wheat grass before I get up in the morning, after about a week or so I actually feel like I have more energy. I felt tired and a little run down due to a hectic timetable the past few weeks and can honestly say I feel tonnes better after taking some greens each day.

I trialed a few different products but my two faves were the following:

Urban Wheatgrass Sachets

You simply mix one sachet with a small glass of water each morning and away you go. The box contains 30 sachets- I’m already hooked- and my tummy kind of craves it now. I typically take probiotics about ten days each month but this month I just used the wheatgrass and my tummy never felt acidic or upset- quite the opposite in fact. I always have it first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach.


But what does it do you might ask?

Although powered vegetables and fruits will never come close to the real thing, for those of you who need a little helping hand- don’t we all?- there’s little wonder sachets like these!


Wheatgrass is an effective healer as it contains loads of essential minerals and vitamins A, B-complex, C, E, l and K. It is extremely rich in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

Wheatgrass is used for increasing production of hemoglobin the chemical in red blood cells that carries oxygen, balancing blood sugars, improving wound healing; and preventing bacterial infections.

It is also used for reducing high blood pressure, improving digestion and can help to lower cholesterol by blocking its absorption. Those with kidney stones or who suffer from urinary tract infections may also benefit as it has certain diuretic properties too 🙂

Spirulina Powder

Known as one of the most potent food sources out there I was DYING to give this bad boy a try! Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein of any known food. It’s 65 – 71 percent protein by weight. It’s what’s known as a complete protein (meaning that it has all 8 essential amino acids necessary for human health) and 18 amino acids overall. Amino acids have roles in cell metabolism, detoxification, tissue regeneration, repair, and more. They influence the function of your nervous system, cardiovascular system, hormones, and muscle- so although I cringe at the term ‘superfood’, this stuff is pretty damn good.

To be honest, I didn’t feel much different taking it just yet but I’m going to keep taking it for another few weeks and we’ll see! The benefits sound so fricken good though, I’m sold!


Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein of any known food. It’s 65 – 71 percent protein by weight. The key is that it’s a complete protein (meaning that it contains all 8 essential amino acids necessary for human health) and it has 18 amino acids overall.

Nutrient deficiency is usually the cause of overeating. Your body needs nutrients like zinc, magnesium, and essential fatty acids like GLA (all found in the amazing spirulina). Your body secretes the hunger hormone gherlin to get you to eat nutrient dense food in order to get some nutrients. But lets say you eat a piece of cake instead. SO you’re not hungry anymore but in an hour you will be as you didn’t give your body what you need!

By eating foods like spirulina, which is full of nutrients, you’re giving your body the raw materials it needs to keep you healthy and trigger the secretion of the satiety hormone called leptin to  keep your appetite in check. You feel good, stop craving low quality food, and your body begins to burn more body fat naturally. Can we have a WHOOP WHOOP!

And of course, to top it all off, spirulina is incredibly rich in antioxidants that protect against DNA damage and the premature aging of your cells- say WHAT?!

So all in all, I think I know what I’ll be drinking this Paddy’s Day 🙂 Go green at Holland & Barrett now- and they even have a super sale on the moment, where you can buy one and get one half price- BARGAIN!

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