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Home Exercise Program

Gym Bunny - Fitness at Home

Try this simple at-home exercise program to get your heart pumping and to work up a sweat. This program is great as it can be varied in intensity depending on your fitness and strength levels.
Remember, if anything feels sore or uncomfortable, stop and take a rest and discontinue if the pain persists.

Group 1

  1. Hands behind your head and you are going to do an alternate leg lunge x 30 reps. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, step long and let your knee travel until its over your leading toe. Slow is the key here!
  2. Drop down into a push-up position and do mountain climbers. Rapidly change foot position, left keen into chest, right leg extended and interchange legs. 30 seconds, as any reps a
  3. Plank Get-up. In plank position and from that drop one arm after the other and go into a push-up position and repeat this sequence, going and up and down. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Rest for 40 seconds and repeat 3-4 times.

Group 2

  1. Sprinting on the spot with high knees up waist level. 30 seconds, as many as possible in this time.
  2. Jumping Jacks x 50
  3. Upper Ab crunches- feet in the air, do not move your legs, fingers pointed towards your ankles and reach up as far as you can. No jerky movements, nice and smooth. 20 reps.

Rest for 40 seconds. Repeat these exercises 3-4 times.

DONE- Time to eat!

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