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How to be happy starting right now

My little Tips to help you feel better starting TODAY!

1.       Drink 2l of water – at least- per day!

2.        Swap coffee and tea for green tea

3.       Cut out carbs at your breakfast and try to only have them at lunch time

4.       Try swapping three big meals to 5-6 smaller meals and snacks

5.       Breakfast should be high protein- think eggs with salmon, eggs with brazil nuts and avocado with some greens, etc…

6.       Try having a green tea with each meal

7.       Lunch should have some lean protein and good clean carbs- such as spinach, sweet potato or a mixed salad with avocado or some hummus or olive oil and seeds on top.

8.       Snacks could be blueberries, almond butter with an apple, some turkey sausages, a small portion of green yoghurt with seeds and a green tea

9.       Dinner could be some lean beef strips stir-fried with coconut oil and served with some broccoli or a small portion of rice if you’ve just trained

10.   Try having your carbs such as sweet potato, bread or rice on days that you train only

how to be happy now

how to be happy now

11.   If you’re craving sweets and sugar, increase your fat intake and add more protein to your meals to help keep you fuller for longer. Magnesium will help too!

12.   Try supplementing with fish oils at each meal, and take a good multi-vitamin, a b complex if you’re taking the pill or suffer from stress and some magnesium before bed to help you relax

13.   Try incorporating some strength training into your program- your metabolism is raised for up to 36 hours after a strength training session- something to keep in mind when you are next running out the door to an aerobics class

14.   Grab a buddy and train together- or a family member- just get moving!

15.   Try to get more sleep- Switch off at 9pm and rest, rest, rest until bed-time

16.   Take up a new hobby- something as simple as taking more photos, learning to cook a new cuisine or even going for a short walk each month

17.   Try using the most natural body, skin care and household products you can (I’m a brat for bleach!)

18.   Invest in good quality gym gear- you don’t feel a hundred dollars in a crappy pair of shoes, so treat yourself to some good gear and you’ll feel awesome leaving your house for the gym!

19.   Talk to a specialist- if in doubt invest in an hour or two with a trainer- it could end up being the start of a brand new lifestyle!

20.   Take care of your mind as well as your body. If you need to talk about your problems, talk to a counsellor, a friend, a family member…Just don’t keep it all bottled up.

Life is too short to be miserable, unhappy and negative.

Let’s DO THIS! Start with these simple changes- this is not rocket science…you will feel better…


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