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How to be less stressed with a crazy to-do list

OK, I admit it. I put up hundreds of motivational quotes on my blog, and you know what?

Sometimes, actually LOTS of times, I don’t always feel 100%.  I don’t always bounce out of bed. I don’t look forward to each and every day like Instagram wants us all to feel.

And that’s OK.

What tends to fill my mind, like most women I know, is one big, giant, never-ending to-do list. I write lists all the time, scrunch them up in little post-its (otherwise I forget!) and when it’s done, it’s like a giant sense of relief as we are one step to finishing said list. Anxiety much?

I digress.

Something, however, that’s never on the to-do list for everyone, is scheduled time-out. I have gym time, work time, friend time, family and boyfriend time. So I’ve decided to add in little slots during the week to do the things I love to do, to make sure my to-do list never falters too far from Number 1. (Me- AHEM!).

Now this is probably easier said than done, as I don’t have kids or a dog (I’m crying at the dog part btw…) but I’m hoping that some of my tips below will allow for a more positive mindset and a more relaxed you, REGARDLESS of how many cute kids or picture perfect puppies you have 🙂

The following are what I do to get some head-space, some me-time and less stress-time:

1. Any day it’s not lashing rain, I try to walk into and out of work. My commute walking is about 30 mins each way at the moment, so it adds to about 7,000 steps. It means I can listen to podcasts, music (usually terrible Spanish music to be fair!) and just forget about any stresses.

2. I try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week. This is non-negotiable, unless I’m away and really want a break from everything. If I’m not in the gym I’ll go for a half day hike somewhere pretty.

3. I’ve started yoga each Wednesday evening and completely switch off in that hour. I don’t get lost in ‘another world’, so much as I allow the practice to be only full of positive thoughts, calmness and relaxation. Negative thoughts can sit this one out on the bench.

4. I try not to use my phone after 10pm. They only time I use my phone in bed on a ‘school night’ is to set my alarm. Then it’s turned over and left on my bedside table.

5. I’ve turned off all notifications on my phone. Yes I have a blog and yes I’m already pretty crap with my phone in terms of replying to begin with. But, between working in Digital, having the blog and freelancing, my mind would go crazy with the amount of notifications so they are always switched to OFF. Sorry not sorry.

6. I have no TV. Well, I have no channels tuned in. I’ve been that way since I left college over 10 years ago. It’s amazing and you get so much more done in the evenings. No Love Island though, and no Ex On The Beach, which is fairly devastating though.

7. I try and get out of Dublin every few weekends. Fresh air, fresh lungs, fresh head. It feels like a mini-holiday, even if it’s just for a day to Wicklow.

8. I watch what I eat. What has this got to do with my to-do list you might ask? Well, I keep track of everything I eat in MyFitnessPal. Therefore I know why I might be cranky after certain foods, or feel down or too ‘up’ either. Nutrition has a MASSIVE  impact on our mood (READ: OUR HORMONES!) take note lads and lassies.

9. I book massages and facials in lieu of drinking and partying. So I don’t really drink, just on occasions. So I take that €€ and use it on Number 1. Selfish? Maybe. Deserved? HELL YES!!!

10. I don’t stress if people are late, arrive late, don’t reply to a text, reply late, don’t answer…I don’t absorb passive aggression from other girls (I ignore the HELL out of it actually) and I have learned to move far, far away from people who are constantly negative. It’s very, very damaging and there are some people that simply don’t want positive people around them and just want you to agree with the negatives and be gone. My mantra now is to stay the hell away. Be kind, be polite, but don’t get involved.

Hopefully this will resonate with some of you- maybe not all of the points will be possible but, even if you can take one or two on-board it will be a great start!


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