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How to bullet-proof your health

So what’s the deal with the ‘bullet-proof’ craze?

Here’s what our pals Wiki have to say:

Bulletproof Coffee is a branded coffee drink consisting of “upgraded” black coffee blended with grass-fed butter and “Brain Octane oil”, an 8-carbon fraction of medium-chain triglyceride oil.[1] The recipe was created by Dave Asprey and first posted to his blog in 2009.[2] Asprey claims that the drink boosts cognitive performance and weight loss, and it has been consumed by sportspeople[3] and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.[2][4]

What are the benefits of Bulletproof coffee?

Now here is what I’ve found:

1. My brain feels sharper.

2. My energy levels are higher- Not like taking a pre-workout but better and sharper than coffee.

3. My concentration at work is improved.

4. It’s a super pre-workout for a tough session.

5. It’s a great way to sneak good fats into my diet!

How do you make Bulletproof coffee?

I *may have sneakily stolen this from google images from the bulletproof coffee site- guilty as charged your honour- see the recipe below, from the horse’s mouth!


How often do you drink Bulletproof coffee?

I have it most mornings now- in place of my usual shop-bough coffee which is close to 4 euro now- so making my own is healthier, cleaner and I know the quality of the product I am using.

Where do I buy Bulletproof coffee?

I buy the coffee, the oil and the collagen protein (I add the tasteless protein to my own whey mix post-workout!) from this site and they now deliver to Ireland- YAY!

All in all it’s a big fat YES from me 🙂


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