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How to stay healthy on holidays

I often get asked how to stay fit and healthy while on holiday. Yes it’s not everyone’s ideal way to plan for a holiday and it is definitely a time to relax, but I have compiled some tips to help keep you on track and still let your hair down!


1. Stay Active
SO most of you probably don’t want to go to the gym every day when you’re on holiday. Some friends of mine have been known to do a little HIIT on their balcony on a sun holiday and others just opt for a more active holiday in general, such as skiing or cycling so the entire focus of the holiday is around activities and being out and about! By incorporating exercise more organically into your trip, you won’t even feel like you need a ‘rest day’ as it’s all part of the fun. I actually enjoy going to the gym while on holiday as I find I’m less bloated, more inclined to eat healthier and I sleep better!

2. Eat fresh food
Most sunny countries in Europe offer up a super array of fresh and healthy options, especially if you wander a little further away from the ‘strip’ in more touristic areas. Think fish, salads, chicken and lots of nuts, seeds and pulses. Salads don’t seem as ‘boring’ in the sun as they usually taste even better abroad!

3. Plan your food around your activities
As you will be eating out and about most of the time you are away, the temptation is there to have treats all the time, but you will be ten steps back following your holiday and it’s even harder to get motivated with post-holiday blues! Do have treats on holiday but not with every meal. You will feel better for eat and if you are having cocktails, try and ensure you drink lots of water and bring some electrolytes with you too! Also, if you are on a more active holiday, fuel yourself accordingly! I bring amigos and protein powder with me on every holiday to ensure I hit my macros!

4. Do let go!
I know I’ve mentioned to exercise a little caution, but genuinely there is a lot to be said for letting yourself go for a week or so and just enjoying the finer things in life, but if your are suffering from any chronic illnesses or have been advised by your doctor to avoid certain foods or drinks for health reason, do be careful not to let that slip!

5. Take time to yourself and unwind
I love nothing better than a good book and some sunshine but I also LOVE switching off- the phone, the noise, the stress and every day life. I sincerely recommend you do the same to come back refreshed, relaxed and ready for round 2!


Other than that guys, I’m off for a few days to the sunshine next week to beat the winter blues- haven’t been on holiday in what feels like AGES so dying for a few days, cheap and cheerful, and some vitamin d!


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