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How to stay motivated when the weather changes

Something that I’m asked about time and time again is how to stay motivated and cheer up when the weather starts to change. Or in Irish terms, how do I stay eternally motivated- eek!

Well first things first, it’s almost impossible to stay motivated and positive all the time. Regardless of the amount of motivational quotes, cups of tea or amazing gym sessions, sometimes, just sometimes, all that makes us feel a little better is to curl up in a blanket and just ‘be’. And that’s totally okay. So keep that in mind on days that you just feel a little ‘meh’.


I gave this some thought and came up with a few tips that I hope help you stay motivated when life throws little curveballs like weather, periods and just feeling ‘meh’:

1. Always have the ingredients for a healthy snack in your house- think cacao, coconut oil, nut butter, almond meal and dark chocolate. YOU WILL THANK ME. Add some protein, chopped nuts and a splash of almond milk and you can make a pretty tasty little treat.

2. Sip on water- I know, I know, but sometimes you feel a little off because you are actually a little dehydrated.

3. Put on your favourite music and lock the door, turn off your phone and just lie there. Like a moody teenager. It feels flipping great.

4. Have a home-cooked meal. Preferably made by someone else. Load up on protein and good fats and some sweet potato for good measure. In the shape of fries.

5. Call a friend. No what’s app, no texting. Just call them. For a stupidly long nonsense chat. It works wonders for the soul.

6. Do 50 jumping jacks. I know right? Sounds silly but get your heart thumping and get rid of that mood by moving about. They are not toooooo taxing, just taxing enough to get your moving. And they are not burpees. I rest my case.

7. Book a staycation or a little holiday. Whenever it might end up being, write it on a calendar and count down the days. I know we shouldn’t wish our lives away but having a holiday booked keeps most people on a healthier eating path and more motivated to get moving!

8. If you’re broke, plan a little date night or girlie night in your sitting room, light some candles, let each person bring something to eat and pick loads of old school movies. Make some clean cheats and some at-home face masks. Pay day, schmay day.

9. Plan your meals in advance. This teeny piece of advise is ideal if you know you will be tempted the second you walk in the door after work. Be prepared. Have spoon of coconut oil if you feel super tempted and really don’t want to give into the little voices!

10. Splash out. Once pay day is here, why not give yourself or a loved one a little surprise. It is sometimes the best way to get out of a little rut- from a new face mask to a nice meal out, be kind to number 1.



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