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How to stay motivated with exercise and diet

So I get emails all the time- honestly- about how I stay ‘so motivated’ and the truth is the fact that 20k people follow me online is a pretty sure fire way to stay motivated.

The fact is, I’m totally normal. I’m not a Fitness Model. I’m not tall or skinny and I don’t have one of those jobs which allow me to take fancy photos of remote beaches in my sponsored bikinis- I WISH!

triangl bikini

What’s closer to home is that I am 158 cm- that’s a massive 5 ft 2 (and a half!) for those of you asking and my ‘feel good weight’ is about 53/54kg when I’m training. That’s the weight that MY body feels good at. Any lighter and I am not strong, I lose tone and I look a little drained, but again that’s me! Any heavier and I start to feel a little bloated, not as energetic and I find myself fixing my clothes, pulling my gym gear down and I am far more self-conscious. But again, that’s my own issue 🙂

At the moment I’m a little over my personal goal and haven’t been as good as I normally am with my food- adding in more carbs- which for me just make me feel like crap- and I’ve been stressed with trying to balance getting my site and recipe books launched and balancing my job and freelance work and Post-Grad too.

I’m not complaining, it’s all my own choice, but I did start to feel drained, demotivated and just a little ‘meh’ over the past while…kind of how I felt when I finished college really, just tired and not like myself at all.

My trainer Chris at The Edge Clontarf has been awesome and is making me keep track of my food plan again to make sure I meet my required daily amount of nutrients and that I’m not eating too much of the ‘same’ foods either, which, when eating healthily, can be an easy trap to fall into. I’m training with him three times a week with my fellow Gym Bunny Andrea too who both make each session fun, interesting and challenging too- oh and it’s a total gossip-sesh too of course 🙂

So, to give myself a little goal, along with trying to improve my strength and fitness, I decided to buy myself some Nike Pro shorts and for me, that will be a test of how comfortable I feel in my own body, I can train or run in confidence in a pair of short-shorts!

Screen shot 2015-04-03 at 08.23.05

Now don’t confuse the matter, I’m not trying to get skinny, I want to feel more confident and more comfortable with what I’ve already got. As a shortie, it’s super hard to get lean legs, even when the rest of my body strips body fat really quickly.

photo 4(71)

So here goes, just made the purchase, and holiday to Croatia is BOOKED, so hello 3 months time! Now for the hard work to begin…EEK…which is helped of course by some oh-so-very-beautiful accessories 🙂

photo 2(101)

photo 1(86)

Why not keep an eye on my progress over the next 3 months and if you have any tips or tasty recipes, throw them my way 🙂



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