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How to survive a Hen or Girls Weekend

SO, a good friend of mine is getting hitched this coming November so we are heading off on her Hen party this weekend- location is still top secret for the bride- eeeeek! 🙂

Now in a healthier approach to the run up to a hen, you might think, are you not taking away from the fun? In my opinion, not at all. In fact, by cleaning up my food intake this week, keeping on top of my supplementation and adding in an extra session at the gym, I will feel much better getting ready on Saturday.

And before anyone jumps to conclusions, nope- it’s not due to guilt or anything of the sort. Keeping it low carb (ish- I had quinoa at lunch and rice noodles post-workout!) I will feel fresher, leaner and healthier and ready for some fun!

hen party healthy

SO what did I do and will I do differently this week?

1. I added in an extra two AWFUL HIIT sessions as I won’t be training at the weekend of course!

2. I kept my coffee intake low so far this week- one Monday, just one yesterday and none today- so far so good!

3. I have taken ALL of the supplements to keep my vitamins and minerals in check and have increased my magnesium to enable deeper and more restful sleep.

4. I’ve done face masks, used lotions and potions to prep my skin for some boldness and have kept away from any tans or drying agents!

5. I’ve kept my sugar intake to a minimum- again in preparation for some yummy treats and drinks!

6. I usually start off with a glass of bubbles and move to a clear alcohol- this means the head is less, well, heady, the next day! I also drink sparkling water with any shorts- it puts manners on any speedy drinking!

7. I always bring electrolytes for that night or next morning. Time to rehydrate and replenish!

8. Have a good breakfast the morning after the night before. Even if you don’t feel like it at the time, try and eat a protein rich breakfast. I usually go for poached eggs and some brown toast and bacon. Your liver will thank you later. Fill up on water, have some fruit and a strong hot coffee!

9. Then, after breakfast, try and get outside or move  a little to blow away the cobwebs. More water, some more coffee and I’m usually hungry again an hour after breakfast. I ALWAYS carry snacks like almonds, protein and a protein bar, just in case!

10. Let your hair down. Whether it’s a hen or a girl’s night out or a birthday, you have to allow wiggle room to just go with the flow and relax.

The above works well for me, but might not be for everyone! The goal is let yourself go and get right back to facing your goals the next day, perhaps after a sneaky takeaway-eek…

Especially if you are in the bridal party or the Bride-to-be, make sure you get back in the saddle and stick to your guns. The countdown is on to feel healthy and confident for your big day. No time for quick fixes, just healthier choices that become lifetime commitments…

Whatever the occasion is for your next big night out, why not try my top tips on how to survive a Hen or Girls Weekend!



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