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Jeans for Gym Bunnies- The Struggle is real

So, ever wonder why girls who go to the gym always wear gym clothes? Well firstly because they are so comfy, but secondly, it’s so bloody hard to get jeans to fit a bigger bum and quads or hamstrings!
I get so many emails asking where to find the perfect jeans, without spending an absolute fortune, so I decided to put a little list together to help anyone else who hates jean shopping- like me- to have a slightly more pleasant experience.
The list below are my go-to jeans where I can literally grab a pair at random and know they will fit- I’m 158 cm- about 5 ft 2 ½ and had quite a lean upper body but hold more body fat on my lower body. The jeans below are ideal for petite girls too who find it hard to find jeans they don’t have to alter!
I am typically an XS in Nike running tights, 6-8 extra short or short in River Island Jeans , 25-28 in Topshop and S in Freddy Jeans– IE: SIZE DOESN’T MATTER= YOU NEED TO TRY THEM ON!!!
River Island- Amelie Jeans

RI Amelie

Buy here: http://www.riverisland.com/women/jeans/skinny-jeans/dark-denim-amelie-superskinny-reform-jeans-666662

And here: http://www.riverisland.com/women/jeans/skinny-jeans/Black-Amelie-superskinny-reform-jeans-670024

River Island- Molly (Jeggings)

Molly Jeggings RI
Buy here: http://www.riverisland.com/women/jeans/jeggings/Dark-wash-Molly-jeggings-657119

Freddy- 7/8’s

Freddy black jeggings
Buy here: http://freddy.ie/collections/ankle-fit/products/wr-up-shaping-effect-7-8-zip-skinny-black

Freddy- 7/8’s with zips denim

Freddy Denimn
Buy here: http://freddy.ie/collections/denim/products/wr-up-shaping-effect-7-8-ankle-skinny-zip-denim-dark-indigo-wash

Topshop Leigh Jeans

Topshop Leigh Jeans
Buy here: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/jeans-446/petite-jeans-2770032/petite-moto-washed-black-leigh-jeans-4231747?refinements=Fit{1}~[petite]^category~[1648668|208527]&bi=1&ps=20

The jeans I’ve mentioned above are all quite skinny as they are my personal favourites! I wrote this little post as I genuinely get so many emails asking where they can get jeans and I am in no way linked to any of these brands!




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