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Jennifer Swaine, 39, Before and After Transformation

So after many months, I’ve finally got round to getting pics together!
So basically I’ve always been into exercise especially running. I even ran up to being five months pregnant. Jennifer Before

Jen Before 2

After I had my son, I continued running which kept me slim & fit, and it’s great for the head but last January I had braces put on which changed everything… I’ve always been a healthy enough eater but I was in such pain with braces, I could hardly eat at all and lost a stone!

Jen After Abs

I stopped running as I had no energy & didn’t want to get skinnier, I was scrawny! So I joined a gym & got personal trainer. He gave me diet plan, full of protein & I began doing more weights than cardio. I almost lived on smoothies full of kale , spinach etc & protein shakes made with almond milk. I have a female trainer now who is a bikini athlete and she has changed my body even more!

Jen After

Jennifer After

I never eat takeaways, would rather make a curry or pizza myself. My treats are chocolate or wine- definitely not giving them up! But I wouldn’t cancel out all the hard work in the gym by eating badly either, it’s just not worth it. I’m only half a stone lighter than I was but I’m now toned all over and feel really strong !

I’ll be 40 next year and intend on being in best shape pf my life for it!!

Jen Full Length



(Hands up who think she already looks AMAZING!!!! 🙂 )

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