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Lazy leg and bum exercises

Sitting around on a lazy weekend day when it’s a little chiller outside can mean your gym membership takes the back seat. If you’re looking for some simple to do lazy leg and bum exercises look no further!

Give my lazy leg and bum exercise  program a go:

10 x squat jumps in and out

10 x squat heel raises

10 x sumo squats

10 x sumo squats up to tippy toes

10 x kickbacks each leg

10 x lunges each leg

10 x reverse lunges each leg

Rest for 45-60 secs and repeat x 3 or 4!

The best thing about these lazy leg and bum exercises is that they can be done anywhere- your bedroom, your hotel room, the living room or outside (perhaps when the weather is a little better outside).

These are often my go-to Sunday morning leg day (you can find others here)to get the heart racing and to justify a spontaneous visit to town ending in spicy chicken ramen or something smothered in Nutella. Shhh!



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