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Lisa Before and After Transformation

‘This is not a quick fix.. This is a lifestyle!
I always felt a little conscious about my weight. In my early teens I would of regarded myself as a little chubby and as I went into the later teenage years and my early 20’s the ‘baby fat’ so to speak fell off – I walked a bit but nothing overly much or strenuous. But once I got to 21, approaching 22, the weight piled on – I worked in an office job where I was stationery all day long! I had moved out of home and my food choices had slipped drastically! I was binge drinking, eating takeaways regularly, crisps and soft drinks for lunches – I was making all the wrong nutritional decisions and living a pretty much inactive life.
Lisa before and after2
I stand tall at a mere 5 ft 1in so increased weight gain and my height did not go hand in hand.. It got to the stage where my dress sizes were starting to go up.. I can remember only feeling comfortable in one pair of tracksuit bottoms – I think the stretchy band helped 🙂
At my heaviest ever weight I decided it was time to change.. I joined one of the local GAA gyms close to my home and I got on the treadmill! I could barely run for 1 minute so I gradually trained myself to walk for 1 minute, run for another and this continued until I could run for a whole 30mins. My training at that time was mostly cardio based with a little bit of strength training (I was totally inexperienced with weight training so I tried to avoid that area) I had also moved home so I controlled my food better which most definitely helped! Over about a 5 month period I lost 20 pounds – I felt great! Like a new woman!
I maintained my weight and then in early 2012 I made the move to Australia with my partner, Ross. With the travelling and living out in rural Australia for 3 months the weight creeped back up.. I wasn’t eating right and training was at an all time low. I remember walking through Bondi in Sydney one day in a denim skirt and feeling like everyone was looking at my legs.. I disliked them so much that I had convinced myself everyone else was looking at them too!!
Health and fitness is a huge lifestyle here in Australia and the weather is beautiful so you can imagine the beaches and sunshine.. Bikini weather! Shorts! Dresses! Little string tops! There was no where to hide.. I tried to hide under maxi dresses but I couldn’t do that forever..
When we moved back to Brisbane after our stint out in regional Queensland I joined the local gym. I tried to get back into training but I had no idea where to start so, of course, it was straight to the cardio machines.. But, I didn’t want that.. I had gone through the whole running my socks off to lose the weight.. I wanted to start lifting weights! I wanted something to challenge me..
All the ladies at my gym were lifting weights but I had no idea where to start.. So in early 2013 I got myself a Personal Trainer and it was the best thing I ever did! She introduced me to lifting weights, gave me some guidelines on nutrition, challenged me and encouraged me.. I haven’t looked back! I am in the best shape of my life – fitter, stronger, healthier and this is purely down to good nutrition and a combination of lifting weights and HIIT (high intensity interval training). I make healthier choices now. I eat as clean as I can but allow myself ‘cheat meals’ and treats. I am aware of what I should be eating and drinking. I don’t binge drink anymore. I enjoy the odd night out but my lifestyle has changed so much! I prep my food, I get up at 5am most mornings to go to the gym, I am currently studying to be a Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness, I have a better outlook on life, I’m more positive and body confident. Although you see the visual changes in the before and after pictures it runs a lot deeper than that..
Lisa Before and after
I can’t describe how good it feels to be comfortable in a skirt or shorts or a bikini or a dress! I never thought I would ever feel comfortable showing my legs.. I thought I was destined to hide behinds jeans and trousers forever! I have never been happier with my body – I have lost 15kg (33 lbs) from my heaviest to my current weight.. I get so much support online over on my Instagram @lisab_fitnhealthy and my Facebook LisaB_FitnHealthy!
The fitfam support crews are like no other – they all support and motivate one another.. It’s amazing! I get messages from girls telling me I’ve inspired them and that just blows me away! It is the best feeling knowing that what I do encourages and motivates others.. This is what sent me in the direction of becoming a Personal Trainer – I want others to feel confident in their bodies, I want them to understand how good their body can feel, I want ladies to lift weights and feel strong, healthy, happy and fit!
This is my lifestyle now and I can say, hand on heart, health and fitness has changed my life! The 5am alarms are no longer a struggle, the food prep isn’t a struggle – this is my life now and I love it! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
lisa b after
And I cannot wait to start training and guiding others who are on their own health and fitness journey…
Lisa B x
‘Believe you can and you will’ 
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