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Meal Prep- where to start!

So you’re new to clean eating and you are looking for an easy route to start off your cleaner, healthier eating patterns to develop better habits in the kitchen and on the go right?

Ok, so my advice is to set aside two evenings a week to do what’s called ‘meal prep’ where you stockpile your meals and prepare healthy nutritious meals in advance.

meal prep #2

By doing so, it means that you are always prepared and never go hungry! It also means you don’t have to cook every night either!

Typical meals that I prepare in advance- that also taste good heated up!- are Chilli Con Carne, Bolognese *without pasta, Grilled Seasoned Salmon Fillets with chilli flakes, Sweet potato, Thai Green Curry with Chicken, Chickpeas satueed with garlic, red onion and tomatoes, Grilled Chicken Fillets.

meal prep #3

Then I simply add some salad leaves, spinach, or some cooked or raw veggies. I even bag up some snacks so I literally have food on me at all times. It really does make things easier as I find that lots of people that contact me have issues with being on their best behaviour when they are running in between work and home or collecting the kids etc…

meal prep example

Always carry a big bottle of water too, and even a flask with some green tea- haha it sounds like a lot when I’m writing it down now, but you actually get used to it. Keep a food diary too as it helps to see if your mood changes are food-related. Mine are 100%!!!!

Food Diary

I’ve also learned the hard way that you need to stack your prepped salads very carefully- heavy wet ingredients at the bottom and lighter drier ingredients at the top- sauces separately or any oils either as everything tastes all wilted and gross if it’s out too long or left to get all soggy- ugh!

meal prep salad jars

You’ll find yourself stockpiling tupperware like it’s going out of fashion and it can be a pain to clean but you do save money and you are more in control of your eating patterns too. You can always get a big bag to hold your food if you’re away for the full day so you don’t caught out but start off with a few little lunch boxes, some baggies and jars 🙂

meal prep bag

Apart from that, it’s about trial and error really- some foods don’t taste so great reheated or after two days but I find the above foods work really well so if you have any tips please send them my way 🙂

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