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Motivation- an inside job

noun: motivation; plural noun: motivations
A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way
Funny that- we plan a holiday, plan an event, a party or a wedding and focus all of our time and energy to look a certain way, investing our whole selves on one little aspect of our health.
When, more often that not, what we really need, is some directional change in our thought patters and a little god damn strategy, which will lead us down an altogether healthier and more long-term lifestyle path.
Strategy to guide us forward in terms of a more positive outlook and indeed strategy to game plan the first steps to a stronger and healthier body and mind.
Some people call this a to-do list, others call it goal-setting, but whatever it is for you, it needs a plan, and it needs little tactical ‘do’s’ to make it all happen.
If your goal is fat loss and  long-term health, then your path will look very different to someone who wants to crash diet their way to a size 8 only to spring back up the scales and measurement slide again a week later.
What I’m trying to say is this- start off as you mean to go on. If you focus on just the physical, you’ll find it very tough moving forward and will inevitably crash back down.
 GymBunny motivation
Instead, give yourself lots of different goals- they can look something like this:
1. Feel happier
2. More energy
3. Improved sleep
4. Better digestion
5. Less groggy/sleepy
6. Measurements going down
7. Body fat reduction
8. Improved Mood
9. Less anxious
10. Less cravings
You see, if you can even tick off a few of these to begin with, the rest will follow. The order isn’t important as for some people, if they conquer the cravings, all of the other aspects will improve. For others, simply better sleep will ensure the others follow suit. The once you see one or two improve, the healthy habits can so easily become a natural habit, an integrated part of your day.
One thing for sure, is that if you are looking to stay motivated and are sick and tired of reading self-help and motivation books- which will probably end up in the bin, you need to realise that motivation is an inside job.
This means that only one person can help you get to stage 2.
(Failing that in the header you will find a photo of Emily Skye that is in itself most definitely motivation, and perhaps another photo below of Nikki Blackketter.
Nikki Blackletter
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