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Pauline Harley, Before and After Transformation

Thank you for your support it’s pages and sites like yours that make my journey so much easier with everyone supporting each other… My journey that I’m talking about here took place between May 14 and dec 14 when I reached my target weight  from 13 stone to 9st 4 and my body weight % dropped from 35% to just under 20%!

I haven’t been to a doctor either in all that time- happy healthy and fit before I hit 40- delighted!


Here’s my story:

I just decided in May when I saw a picture of myself beside my son who had just turned 18 and was graduating from school, that it was time for me to make a change!


In the months previous, I’d been told my back was deteriorating after I had my spine fused in 2 places in 2010 following severe degeneration of my discs. I literally couldn’t walk, so surgery was my one and only option. My physio advised me to learn to swim to lose a bit of weight etc and to try and get the muscle above and under the surgery site built up to support it, otherwise it would deteriorate further.

I had numerous other health issues which just were getting worse too- Crohn’s disease and blood clotting disorders which caused my previous miscarriages. I was on aspirin long term which messed up my Crohn’s even more and caused excessive bleeding with my monthly cycle, hence I got very run down.

I had to have part of my womb removed last January- it was a vicious cycle no doubt because I was feeding my body with crap fueling autoimmune and inflammatory response but, all in all, I know some of it was necessary, especially the spinal surgery.

It was a life changing operation and it did work, but like everything else, if you don’t try your best to look after it, it will start going pear shaped. I let my back restrict me for years…

I was terrified I’d hurt it when really I was just wearing down muscle by not exercising and not moving it ! So off I went in May, I learned to swim and lost 1.5 stone by the start of August and then felt that I needed more help- I felt I’d hit a wall in my training so I found a personal trainer here in Dublin who specialised in people with back issues and he has changed me for the better both mentally and physically.

before and after

I trained with him twice a week-all strength and conditioning weights sessions and very little cardio. I did my own walking and swimming during week and I also did my own weight training once a week in my own gym too, so I literally worked out 5 days a week and kept the nutrition on top form- no crap, no high carbs, no refined sugars and white flours- just good wholesome food!

The weight feel off me…I wanted it so badly…I really did… the difference not crawling out of bed in morning now with no mid-afternoon slump, no bowel issues, no mood swings.

I feel amazing- my health has reversed with no aspirin, no steroids for crohns no doctor’s bills and no more excuses! I swam in the sea for first time on Christmas morning for St Francis hospice and raised €350 time to give back- I am so grateful!

I made a promise to myself I’d be fit before I will hit 40 on 31/12/15. I swore I was going to change my body shape and strengthen myself and I’m there now- it’s just case of managing it all from here on in which I’m sure I can do.  I love it -I finish training with my PT this month so I have the skills now to do what he has taught me on my own I’m even studying nutritional therapy online and educating myself everyday on foods for healing and optimum health.

10934651_10153038555264452_1757500532_nI am passionate about it and love following everyone online they give me such inspiration so a big thank you to yourself Gym Bunny also for being part of this- your tips and recipes are brilliant. Thanks for taking interest in my story and I look forward to seeing the final piece- I’m sorry it’s such a long story haha I’m just glad it’s had a happy ending 🙂

Take care…

Pauline xx
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