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Personal Training in Dublin at The Edge: Clontarf


So I always get asked where I train so here are the details- I train with a guy called Chris who works in The Edge: Clontarf  based facing the sea near Dollymount Strand.

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The 130 bus stops just outside and there is a lovely healthy restaurant beside it called Bay which is super handy for a post-workout salad.

What is it?
They are a Personal Training facility who focus on serious training, clean eating and having fun at the same time. The two Directors, James and Dave, have been working in the industry for over 17 years now.

The guys here focus their programs around building your strength, getting you to eat clean and develop a healthier lifestyle with better eating habits and a more positive approach to life. This is where I train three times a week now- I started a gymnastics class recently so I do that elsewhere once a week.


Where is it?
The Edge: Clontarf, 371 Clontarf, Dublin 3

Where can I find them online?
Website: www.theedgeclontarf.com
Twitter: @theedgeclontarf
Facebook: TheEdgeClontarf

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