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  1. This is a fantastic article I follow a few fitness chicks on FB to keep me motivated. Obviously some with very diff goals some not & but diff nutrition advice a food war carbs no carbs left my head in a spin. This pretty much cleared it up was afraid I was getting it horribly wrong
    Thank you
    Love the page keep it coming xx

  2. Hi,I really want to buy your e-book but it won’t let me as I don’t have a postcode?!!I know lots of Irish people have bought this so just wondering what did you put in? I tried all the usual stuff like N/A!!

  3. Hi! Could you tell me where you get your coconut flour etc.? I have searched high and low (in Longford and Westmeath anyways) and i cannot find it anywhere!

  4. There was so much hype around this collection, but honestly, I think the products are so incredible and practical that they deserve it! Love your picks, I’ve been eyeing up a few pairs of workout leggings myself!

  5. I love to make creative things with coconut water.The coconut water ice pops that you showed above looks like very delicious.I will definitely make this at home.I am waiting to get more creative things from your site..
    Thanks for sharing this..

  6. Great Mike, It’s so inspirational to the people like me, who have big belly, but now I’ll try hard to transform my body as well.

  7. A whole mix of emotions Orla & beautifully written——it has allowed me walk back into lovely spaces & memories & a time of great sadness…..Dad x

  8. Hey there, Nice resolutions. I always take tough resolutions in the beginning of the year and later on fail badly at it. But i know what resolution to take. Nice post. It helped me a lot. Gonna start from today. Hope to go far by this year. Keep sharing..!!

  9. Just read your blog Orla, I didn’t know you went through that and I’m sorry that you did. I like how real your blog is and know it will be useful to those who have lost someone close. I’m sure your mum will be very proud of you xxx