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The B-vitamins play a critical role in all aspects of converting carbohydrates and fat into energy. With today’s hectic lifestyles, there is an increased demand for sufficient B-vitamins to boost our energy levels.

B-Active contains all of the necessary vitamins to support an active lifestyle, together with L – carnitine at the appropriate levels to optimize your physical output for the day ahead.

B active is the ultimate B complex supplement. It has the following benefits:

– Metabolism and energy
– Liver cleansing
– Mental health

-Use Fat as a source of fuel for the body
-Carbohydrate and Fat metabolism
-Adrenal Repair

Recommended dosage:
One capsule taken per day with meals

Who should take this product:
Should be taken by everyone, especially anyone on a contraceptive pill or following a vegetarian diet. Our busy lifestyles can leave us often feeling tired and low on energy. B-Active is formulated as a one-a day capsule for just this situation.

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