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C-5000 provides a full 5000mg of vitamin C per teaspoonful in a gentle buffered form and in a base of freeze dried fruit juice. A great way of providing high levels of vitamin C and is very easy for children to take, especially during cold and flu season!

Our Vitamin C-5000 is a high-strength antioxidant.
Essential C has been used by The Edge clients to:
– Lower excess stress hormones (cortisol)
– Help increase recovery after exercise
– Increase overall well-being
– Helps lower abdominal body fat

-Promote Collagen production

Recommended Dosage:
One scoop (5grams) mixed with water taken daily with meals, or as professionally directed

Who should take this product:
Anyone with a hectic lifestyle, or who wants that extra support for the immune system, particularly during the autumn and winter months.

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