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Quick tips to start on your summer body

No, I’m not interested in skinny, nor am I about to tell you about how to lose 5kg in a week.

These few lines are about how you can start to incorporate little teeny tiny changes into your every day routine that will make ALL of the difference.

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Let’s get STARTED!

Here are my top tips on how to start on your summer body:

1. Swap your daily tea or coffee for a green tea- you will feel tired for a couple of days but will feel SO much better and less bloated. Plus green tea is a natural fat burner, is full of anti-oxidants and has heap loads of other health benefits. Keep your coffee intake pre-workout for maximum benefits.

2. Drink 2-2.5l of water per day. Keep it in your handbag, on your desk, with you at the gym- wherever you go!

3. Try getting at least 7 hours sleep a night- and even a nap if you can during the day. It lowers stress levels, which in turn, turns you into a fat-burning machine!

4. Eat lean protein and green veggies with each meal- and don’t skimp on good healthy fats!

5. Do have treats but don’t turn them into a cheat weekend- you’ll just undo all your hard work.

6. Try spiralized veggies instead of pasta, rice or potato. They are still carbs and will leave you feeling much lighter, less bloated and full of energy.

7. Snack, snack and more snacking! Try and eat between meals- and remember you can have breakfast for dinner and leftover dinner for breakfast. Break the rules and ENJOY your food.

8. Try and get out and active between 3-5 times a week. Yes a walk with the dog is better than no walk but it will not change your whole body shape. Add weights, get the heart racing and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is only with change that you will see progress.

9. Try and add in a little abs routine every other day to your usual gym routine- thin crunches, butterfly kicks, side bends and leg raises- Try 20 of each and repeat all x 4.

10. Stay off the alcohol if you can or at least limit your intake to one day a week and in moderation. You completely alter your hormonal profile when you drink alcohol so do try and put down the glass!

With these little tips you should start to notice a difference. Cutting down on refined sugar, cutting back on your usual intake of carbs and any processed foods and increasing your lean protein and veggie intake you WILL see a difference.

And remember, healthy isn’t about diets, it isn’t about boring foods and it isn’t about bingeing or starvation- it’s about loving your body enough to want to take care of it.


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