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Before and After- Rachel Burdett


Here’s my story!

I really hope it motivates others to beginning their journey into their individual transformations. 6 years ago I weighed 17 stone. I was 5ft11 and starting Uni and decided enough was enough I wasn’t going to be the “fat girl” anymore after years of bullying and social embarrassment. I lost 6 stone over 8 months and maintained for 4 years until the birth of my daughter.

before and after weightloss

I piled on 4 stone and another stone the year following due to severe illness. The year following her birth I was very ill. It took doctors a year to diagnose my kidney disease. I have IGA Nephropathy – an immune disorder where any colds flus or bugs or stress on my body make the antibodies attack my kidney slowly damaging them over years and releasing blood and protein into my urine everyday meaning every day is a struggle for me and I feel physically exhausted every day, yet still have to raise an active toddler.


I weighed 17 stone again and felt miserable. Barely leaving the house due to fainting daily and feeling so embarrassed of myself, I said in March last year that if I’ve done it before I can do it again. And so I started, and lost 5 stone by October 2013 and then at the start of this year, I started my fitness journey and became addicted- losing the last stone and toning my knackered body. Then April I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidneys with 18 cysts on my kidneys. I feel like there is always my health battling against me, yet I have found peace and solace in my workouts daily. I do not know what the future holds for me and my health but I do know I have a beautiful daughter and I am here and alive and stable, so who cares about my health.

full length after

I wouldn’t ever let it stop me from enjoying every moment I have. Anything is possible with determination and willpower. I’m sorry this is very long, but my story is a long one.

I hope it inspires others to know that no matter what they feel is standing in their way of their goals nothing is more powerful than ones individual willpower. If you want something bad enough you will achieve it. I have a serious passion for health and fitness and love nothing more than inspiring and helping others achieve their goal – I personally know the struggle and understand the overwhelming feeling achieved by changing yourself.


I currently run a Facebook fitness group helping others with their fitness goals and eating habits with nearly 6000 members and still getting more daily. I love the satisfaction gained by seeing someone’s sheer happiness and joy as not only their physical appearance change, but more importantly their mental change, watching people’s self confidence soar is the greatest satisfaction for me.

rachel after

Rachel xx

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