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Rawbite- Gorgeous Vegan Treats

raw bite vegan treats

Rawbite hopes to change the way you feel about healthy, natural, mostly raw and vegan food…

Sarah Holm, the owner of Rawbite, believes that we can still have all the foods we grew up with and love, but have them in a way that nourishes and heals the body at the same time.
“I’m starting out really small, and on my own from home. Everything I make is made in small batches and hand packaged by myself. I’ve tried to source mostly organic ingredients,” explains Sarah.

“As I’m getting older, I’m more and more drawn to foods that heal my body and benefit it. Since changing my diet and adding in more raw foods my skin, energy, hair and nails and overall mood has improved. I try to eat 80% raw and vegan and the remaining 20% I eat what I want, in moderation of course..

She wanted to produce a range of foods that taste really great and still retain their many health benefits. Her products are dairy, gluten and sugar free. Raw food, which she uses to make her delicious treats, is generally not heated above 46 degrees, therefore retaining most of the minerals and nutrients, benefiting our bodies most.
“At the moment I have 5 core products that I make, but I want to expand that range to include a range of raw vegan cakes (cheesecakes, carrot cakes, berry tarts, chocolate tarts…) to cater for lactose and coeliac intolerant people, and a range of pestos and hummus and more savoury foods eventually too!”

Sarah hopes to stock Rawbite in a good selection of health food shops and cafes across the county quite soon and currently sells her products online here.

My personal favourites are her Vanilla Granola and her sticky tastes-too-good-to-be-healthy raw caramel slices! YUM! 🙂

Also, as a side note, Sarah is a beaming example of how beneficial and rewarding eating healthily really is. Her beautiful bright eyes and glowing skin are both a testament to her healthy lifestyle! You can

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