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Really simple healthy smoothie

I get so many DM’s asking what kind of smoothie is good for energy, health etc, when really you want to make sure yours contains a good source or protein and is vegetable based – or low GI fruit based!

Here are my suggestions for a really simple healthy smoothie recipe:

1 Cup of Liquid:

Water/Milk/Iced Coffee or Iced Green Tea


1/2 cup Vegetables:

Beetroot (cooked and peeled)/Spinach/Lettuce


1/2 cup Fruit:



1/4 cup to Make it Creamy:

Protein Powder, Greek Yoghurt (I use 0% Fage!)/avocado/banana/nut butter (just 1 tbsp)


1/2 tbsp Sweetener:

Raw Honey/maple syrup/dates (2/3)


1/2 tsp Punch:

Dried ginger/cinnamon/vanilla/cacao


1 serving Energy Boost:

Hemp Seeds/Chia seeds/Matcha powder/Spirulina Powder/PB2 Powder


Make it:

Add your protein powder, liquid, fruit and vegetables to your blender and blend on high with your preferred ingredients above. Add ice if desired- I prefer mine room temperature but most people theirs icy!



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