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Sample Daily Diet Plans

It’s crazy how many emails I get each week on what my typical eating plan looks like. Remember each person has such a different set of needs and requirements when it comes to nutrition and what works for one person may not work for the next.

Overall, GENERALLY speaking (not so much these days) my nutrition is pretty good- I have a great appetite and am not at all concerned with calories in any shape or form to be honest. If I crave something I eat it. Simple as that really.

Now I also understand what my body cannot tolerate at all too. I love bread as much as the next person, pizza too of course… But I can only eat it as a treat the odd time as otherwise I get bloated, crampy and my stomach feels like a washing machine so once a week is fine but no more that that. Alcohol is the same to be honest as it makes me feel like death rolled over twice.

See a few days of what I normally eat here, without trying to be ‘good’ and everything I ate the full day is included. I’m going through a bit of a coffee phase which is NOT good 🙁

I’m not saying this is an ideal eating plan in any shape or form but it’s what I’m working on at the moment- we are all human after all 🙂

And so I included one of my cheat meal-come-cheat day kind of very awful bad days just to show you that we all fall over and we all have the capacity to start again tomorrow ok?

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So what do I feel I need to change from these days?

Well to start with – I should probably be just having my coffee as a pre-workout drink rather than a meal replacement to be honest, and perhaps I should always request almond or coconut milk where available.

I should try and have more protein in the morning and be less reliant on protein bars too and instead opt for nuts, berries and seeds or perhaps some greek yoghurt for a snack!

That first day was obviously a complete blowout and we all have days like this, so remember to let go the odd day, yes, but don’t let it go too far or you can so easily end up at square 1 again, which can be hugely difficult to start at again.

Keep the head up and don’t beat yourself up about the little mistakes, start adding in the green tea instead of coffee and carry cleaner snacks at all times, along with a bottle of fresh water too.

C’mon let’s do this!



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