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Simple tips to feel leaner in just a day

Losing body fat takes time and dedication, but these simple tricks can help you feel a little bit ‘lighter’ in just one day. Ideal for that time of the month when you feel bloated and puffy and very meh…

1. Start your day with a cup of warm but not boiling water with lemon- add a green tea bag for extra brownie points!

2. Avoid bread or dairy in the morning- For most people this leaves tough decisions as to what to have for breakfast- instead think high protein, high fat. Avocado and eggs is an ideal start to your day, for example. Have your first coffee about an hour after your first meal. Experts say your ‘ideal time’ to have a coffee is about 9:30 am.

3. Start your day (before you leave the house) with some stretches or a simple beginners yoga routine. Even the most basic stretch routine can aid digestion. There are some SUPERB yoga sequences here for even the most novice yogi.

debloat yoga

4. Swap your regular tea and coffee for a lighter herbal tea- peppermint, raspberry and dandelion are all great to ease any bloat!

5. Get up and move. Try and take a little walk every hour or two or if stuck at your desk, try and stretch your feet under the desk and your spine too. I do this ALL the time as my mid-back is very tight. Instant relief! 🙂

So there you have a few simple tips to get started. Other obvious ones of course include drinking more water, eating less processed foods and limiting your sodium intake if in excess. But we all have to start off small…


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