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SKINS – The Benefits of a Better Performance *without the pain

So, for anyone that might have been following my blog the past year or so years, you might know that I’m pretty structured about my training and well, everything gym related to be perfectly honest.

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My free time, outside of work, is either spent in the gym or longing for my next session- I live, breathe and sleep the gym as it keeps my head sane and my body strong.
I’m constantly on the lookout for anything to make my life easier, my training better and of course to make myself stronger and less injury prone.
I’ve suffered from a hip injury for the past year or so, which hindered my strength training, leaving me at a standstill progress wise and indeed left me back at square one with my trainer.

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I was wearing any old gym gear I could get my hands on and never really thought about stretching out properly or the importance of proper mobility and flexibility work on my rest days. Now, each evening, I allocate a little ‘down time’ to stretch out properly and I also supplement with magnesium to help my muscles relax. I find that this tiny little ten minutes each night even helps me sleep more deeply and I now wake up feeling more rested.

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On top of that, I’ve recently started using SKINS as my primary training gear.  I’ve found my recovery time shorter and my stamina and power a lot better- something I suffer with on Cardio or HIIT days normally! On top of improving my performance, I find that during my HIIT sessions, I feel less concerned about pulling my tights up or down- they just sit where they are supposed to sit, allowing me to fully focus on my session.

How I feel before each session hugely determines how my session will pan out. I need to feel and look confident to feel strong and full of energy- so from arriving to the gym hydrated to eating the right kind of food before-hand, to wearing the correct activity specific training gear and supportive trainers- it really all does make a difference to my performance.

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I suppose it does help that the gear is not only functional and supportive, but that it also looks pretty amazing too- which is quite a feat for a little shortie like me who suffers to find gym gear to fit properly!

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