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Spicy Turkey Mince- perfect post workout meal!

post workout meal ideas

post workout meal ideas

Simple bowl food:

This is so incredibly simple to make and is a great post-workout meal for anyone who doesn’t want to sit down to brown rice yet again!

I find the biggest wok I can and melt some coconut oil, throw in some turkey breast mince or another lean protein along with any other ingredients I can find! My faves to add to this are chickpeas, mushrooms, ginger, chillis, onion, cashews, sesame seeds, white cabbage and some low sodium or tamari soy sauce.

Always, always, ALWAYS with a fried egg on top. For some extra creativity, scatter a few sesame seeds and dust a little hot paprika!


Spicy turkey mince in coconut oil with chickpeas, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, chillis, onion, cashews, sesame seeds, white cabbage and low sodium soy sauce with a soft fries egg on top


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